PLANNED-HACKED…..The Dirty Game Plan of Congress to Sabotage Digital India!

Yesterday, the twitter community of both BJP and Congress turned very active to see the unusual tweets posted on Rahul Gandhi’s account.

For a second many people were stun to look at the abusive language used. Later the Congress party declared that the twitter account of Rahul Gandhi was hacked. Rahul Gandhi within no time started trending on twitter. Hacking twitter accounts is no new, many times before the twitter accounts of VIP’s have been hacked by miscreants for fun.

But definitely Congress did not think so! Very unusually after the abusive tweets were posted, all the Congress people including their pets from media started tweeting in one voice and EXACTLY started blaming on thing…..THE DIGITAL INDIA!!!

Let’s gets some perspective….What would any VIP do if their account is hacked??? First thing is to file a complaint. But here Congress was not worried about filing complaint nor are they bothered that Rahul Gandhi’s account was hacked….all they are bothered is to TARGET the DIGITAL ECONOMY!

Not one, not two….every Congress supporter has used same language, same sentence, and same words to describe Rahul Gandhi’s account hack as a Failure of the Digital World!

Let’s take a look at first person Randeep Surjewala who set the tone to attack Digital India and Online Banking System when he gave his first interview to India Today immediately after Rahul’s account was hacked!

The first question India Today asks…”Why do you think it’s politically motivated?” To which Randeep Surjewala says the main reason for hacking is the “ideology of people” and says its the Fascists Mindset of the people and tries to point at BJP, then immediately twists his sentence and links it with CASHLESS ECONOMY and repeatedly mentions about ONLINE TRANSACTIONS, SAFETY OF PAYMENT.


Then he again causally mentions that they will lodge a complaint with the Delhi Cyber Cell in just one line. He tries to link that safety of Rahul Gandhi’s account is equal to the safety of India.


Notice the scripted question the journalist asks immediately…. “Does it put a question mark on PM’s Digital India Campaign?” Randeep Surjewala more than happy to answer this question says…YES it puts question on Digital India, online payments and so hence Digital India can never be a reality!


In a most STUPID way he says that crores of people use online service and FACEBOOK for Banking payments and so it’s not safe for a digital transaction!

Now what kind of a MORON thinks that anybody would use Facebook for online payment?! Does this man know that the security of Banking System is totally different from Twitter and Facebook??

Okay, let’s consider that the HACK was genuine and was politically motivated….So why doesn’t he name boldly that BJP or RSS is behind it, why doesn’t he say he will file complaint against BJP?? Congress not once blames the Twitter which is mainly responsible for the security of every account, but he directly jumps into DIGITAL INDIA and blames PM Modi.

Basically what Congress implies is, because Rahul Gandhi’s twitter account was hacked, the entire DIGITAL INDIA is a sham. Rahul’s personal twitter account is equal to Country’s National Security…but the same people did not mind asking Video Proof of the surgical strike just 2 months back. Where was the concern then???

These days there is a similar trend being followed by many Anti-Modi brigade. Just few months back, Rajdeep Sardesai gave the same reason that his Twitter account was HACKED and so he wants to close his account. But just after few days he comes back. He forgets to describe how did he DEACTIVATE a HACKED account???

And secondly why didn’t the hacker reveal any private conversation of Rajdeep Sardesai or Rahul Gandhi which could have exposed them top to bottom??? Did the hacker spend days just to post few ABUSIVE tweets so he can earn good name??

Any Cyber expert would know that a Professional Hacker is always smart and knows what he wants and does performs a hacking with a strong MOTIVE and INTENT!

There is strong evidence that how the so called HACKER of Rahul Gandhi’s account was nothing but a ROOKIE! This guy first keeps the name of Rahul Gandhi intact and then does a SPELLING MISTAKE and updates it as “Retarded Gan” and again after a while he corrects it to “Retarded Gandhi”!



Does this look like the work of a professional hacker….NO! It more so looks like a person who is doing it for the first time by step wise instructions of his master!

If we see the language of the every member of Congress, it doesn’t look like they are bothered about hacking, they are more worried about targeting DIGITAL INDIA and specifically using the word ONLINE TRANSACTIONS and CASHLESS SOCIETY!

So according to Congress, if Rahul’s Twitter accounted is compromised, the country should stop using online transactions and shut down all E-commerce websites. May be tomorrow, if he loses his phone, the country should STOP using Mobiles. Isn’t this the same ideology they used for Bharat Bandh two days back??

This is nothing but a complete orchestrated plan to stop digitization and prevent the move towards cashless society. This incident has happened just 3 days after Narendra Modi addressed the Nation in Mann Ki Baat where he particularly stressed on Digitization and cashless society…WHAT A CO-INCIDENCE!!!

For sure Congress will raise this issue in Parliament and will demand PM Modi to answer on Digital Security and Rahul Gandhi’s account Hack. This will be another reason for them to stall Parliament.

See the tweet of Congress leader Digvijay Singh yesterday! So well he predicts the HACKERS will misuse the account!

Notice the words….Just like a PARROT would speak what it’s taught!
The party which was once called Nationalist, today has stooped so LOW that it does not mind destroying the country for its dirty politics! What a SHAME!!!

Aishwarya S