Planning for a Party Tonight?????? Beware of Post Party Syndromes!

Every year lakhs and lakhs of people all over the globe decide to ENJOY the last day of the calendar year and ring in the New Year. They go out with their friends and family and indulge in ‘partying’. No prizes for guessing what the partying is all about – it’s all about Dance, Music, Dimly lit rooms, some food and yes, Drinking and Smoking. There is almost no New Year’s party without Booze and Fags. In fact, restaurants and hotels make a killing on the 31st of December every year on the specially arranged New Year’s Eve parties. They charge no less than Rs.2000+ per person, depending upon the quality of the drinks and music.

Just imagine, people get swayed by the story of bringing in the New Year with fun & frolic, when actually they are bringing in the New Year with oversleeping on the 1st of January and then waking up to a massive hangover and headache. And then every year they wonder why their year didn’t go as well as expected! Many of them wake up in the hospitals either having caused an accident because of drunk driving or because they were the victims themselves. On 1st January, 2016, 900 road accidents were reported between 12 am midnight to 8 am the next morning in Chennai alone. As per a report in The Hindu, “As much as 85 per cent of the road accidents that had taken place on the eve of New Year in the State are associated with travel under taken by youth for revelry.” A report of the MINISTRY OF ROAD TRANSPORT & HIGHWAYS TRANSPORT RESEARCH WING says that ‘Accidents and deaths caused due to “Intake of alcohol/drugs” within the category of drivers’ fault accounted for 4.2 per cent (16,298 out of 3,86,481 accidents) and 6.4 per cent (6,755 out of 1,06,021 deaths) respectively’. As per the same report, in January 2015, 42,661 accidents were reported in January alone, of which 11,922 people died – this is the statistics for all over India. Now what percentage do you think was because of drunk driving on New Year’s eve?

Celebration and revelry should not mean playing with one’s own life or with the life of another. Enjoyment can be done without drinks, drugs, smoking or giving in to vices. It is a known fact that many young girls are molested or worse, on New Year’s Eve, on roads, hotels and clubs. What is planned as a fun-outing becomes a nightmare for the young girls which scar them for life.

Binge drinking also leads to other problems like inflammation of pancreas, liver damage, stroke, cardiac problems lapse of judgment, loss of memory, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain and above all loss of judgment. A split second loss of judgment can cost a life. The harmful effects of indulging in drugs for recreational purpose are even more dangerous. It is a well-known fact that drugs taken even once can make people get hooked on to them for life.

What is the use of such fun, if at the end of it all, instead of starting a New Year with good health, one only ends up ruining it? DO ENJOY, BUT DO SO RESPONSIBLY. Start the year with fun activities, healthy resolutions and being Aware of them all. Don’t start the year with a Headache.


Jai Hind !!!

Rati Hegde