Please Imran Please! Congress supporters are desperately begging Pakistan PM Imran Khan to do this one particular “task” so to stop PM Modi’s massive victory in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

The entire nation is mourning over the martyrdom of Indian soldiers but the Congress supporters are worried about something else. The supporters of Rahul Gandhi are getting the worse nightmare since last 5 days and are getting so desperate that they are begging the Pakistan Prime Minister to do a task.

Since the attack on the CRPF jawans took place in Pulwama, the entire nation has united and everyone believe that PM Modi will take revenge, that too in a big way. Even the Congress supporters are damn sure that the Modi government will respond to the terror nation Pakistan.

What next after India retaliates? The Congress supporters are stating on social media that PM Modi will definitely destroy Pakistan in the next few days and this will ensure a huge victory for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

That’s why the hardcore fans of Rahul Gandhi are begging Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan to make an announcement saying Pakistan was not involved in the Pulwama terror attack. Along with it, the Congress supporters are demanding Imran Khan to even condemn the terror attack.

Have a look at this desperate tweet:

The world knows that Pakistan was involved in the Pulwama terror attack but the Congress supporters are asking the PM of Pakistan to give a clean chit to himself. How cool?

Look at another tweet, where a person is questioning whether the ISI is working in favour of PM Modi. But he doesn’t know that ISI is working against India and one day even he might get killed if Pakistan sponsored terrorism is not ended.

Looking at the debates and public reaction that is going on since last 5 days, one thing we can conclude is that even the Indians who are supporters of Congress party are damn sure that PM Modi will teach Pakistan a very big lesson.

That’s the trust Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi built in 5 years, which Sonia Gandhi led Manmohan Singh government couldn’t do.

Hansika Raj