PM Aspirant and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar is now “CLERK” Nitish Kumar?

Bihar, during the pre-Nitish period, was more like town-Tezpur-from Prakash Jha’s Gangaajal. Police-politician-mafia nexus had made people’s life miserable. The state was popular because of incidents of violence, kidnapping, murders, rapes and other crimes. The director has himself agreed several times that his movies show magnified reflection of what he witnessed in Bihar during Lalu’s regime.

After taking over the office in 2005, Nitish took drastic steps to change the law and order situation in the state. Soon, all the popular politically connected goons and dons were arrested and kept in jails. Law and order mechanism sprung into action, cases against hooligans were put on the fast track in order to make sure that troublemakers remain in jail for a long time.

When Kumar joined hands with RJD and Congress to form the super secular (grand) alliance, many political analysts and experts had indicated the return of jungle raj.  Slowly and steadily, this is exactly what the scene is slowly turning into. Many criminals, especially those with RJD links are getting out on bail, but only known ones are attracting media attention.  One by one, poster boys are coming out. Has Lalu and RJD reduced CM Nitish Kumar to a clerk who simply signs papers to release criminals?

On Saturday, 11th September, one of jungle raj’s prominent poster boys, Mohammed Shahabuddin was released on bail. As he walked out after 11 years, he received a grand welcome in the town of Siwan. He has represented Lalu’s RJD in the Assembly as well as in the Parliament multiple times.

Grand welcome for “Type A history-sheeter” under grand alliance raj in Bihar

The politician don came out and immediately hit out at the state CM by saying that Nitish Kumar is not his leader, he has become a CM because of circumstances. Shahabuddin also attracted a lot of ire from JD (U) when he said Nitish Kumar does not have the capacity to even get 20 MLAs on his own.

Shahabuddin traveled from Bhagalpur (central jail) to his constituency, Siwan. More than 400 SUVs with armed men and hundreds of bikers were part of a convoy that followed Sultan (as he is popularly known) from jail to his hometown.  All these vehicles did not pay toll at even a single toll booth. People who watched this rally may have initially thought director Prakash Jha is shooting villain’s entry scene for his next flick set in the pre-Nitish era. But later, they must have realized that it was Shahabuddin.

Reports suggest that Siwan town turned all green with green posters and balloons. Supporters poured in with firecrackers and sweets to welcome their Sultan. Even some RJD leaders came to welcome back Shahabuddin who is facing more than 30 cases related to murder, extortion, and kidnapping. In spite of such record, Sultan is important for the RJD because he enjoys support from Muslims (obviously) in parts of North Bihar like Gopalganj, Siwan-Chapra, etc.

Out of all the cases, 28 of them involve victims from OBC, SC category. Dalit-Muslim unity flag bearers must look into Shahabuddin’s crime history that started from 1986.

State Government showing leniency?

Legal experts as well as state’s former deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi have accused the state government of helping Shahabuddin to get bail by going soft on him.  According to Modi, Bihar Government needs to use Crime Control Act (CCA) against so-called Sultan of Siwan. He has urged the state government to provide security to family members of Rajiv Roshan and journalist Rajdeo Ranjan.

Reports also suggest that the state allowed Asst. Public prosecutor to work on the case so that RJD’s goon can get bail. As a price for SECULARISM, Kumar has perhaps given freedom to a monster who redefined brutality by using acid to kill people.

“Dark days of Bihar have arrived! Only those who have lived in Siwan and Chhapra know the terror this name commanded at one point,”- said one political commentator.

RJD is Bihar Government’s major partner; it does not seem that the state government would challenge his bail. But, hold the phone!!

Noted Lawyer Prashant Bhushan to the rescue?

Activist and senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan said on Sunday that he will approach the Supreme Court to get Shahabuddin’s bail canceled.

“Father of one of Shahabuddin’s victims has approached me for help. I will file my petition as soon as I receive Patna High Court’s bail order and some other documents,”-said the noted activist while interacting with reporters. Bhushan had attracted a lot of ire while he tried to stop terrorist Yakub Memon’s hanging. Anyway, all the family members of people killed by Shahabuddin and his men would be thankful to Prashant Bhushan if he manages to put the criminal in jail again.

On being asked about poster boy getting bail and terming him circumstantial CM, Nitish simply said he does not care.

Lack of industries and unemployment are the state’s most important problems as of now. But, with jungle raj poster boys out on bail, even law and order can become headache for CM Nitish Kumar. He must appreciate Prashant Bhushan for stepping in as an angel. So should the entire state.

Nitten Gokhaley