PM Modi and Superstar Rajinikanth’s combination could do wonders for Tamil people

The politics in the state of TamilNadu have been dominated by Dravidian parties since 1967.The main two parties which are powerful political forces in the state of TamilNadu are DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) and AIADMK(All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam). The DMK routed the Indian National Congress party in the 1967 elections and took control of the state government, ending Congress’s stronghold in Tamil Nadu. In 1972 M.G. Ramachandran popularly known as MGR not satisfied with the principles of the DMK party formed AIADMK. These parties have been alternatively selected by the people of state always.

Now the need of the hour is the change in the political arena of the state as both the Dravidian parties DMK and AIADMK are diminishing. And right now if anyone can change this Dravidian ideology to provide state fresh outlook is only one person the superstar Rajnikanth, and one party i.e Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) with nationalist ideologies. And if they both will combine then surely it would turn out to be a deadly combination which no one can defeat and will topple the entire political scenario of the state.

The same is also believed by the Prominent RSS ideologue and editor of Thuglak magazine S Gurumurthy who has recently put forth his point of view at the national executive committee meeting of Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) stating that the combination of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rajinikanth would do wonders for Tamil people. He also stated that the administration of Modi and popularity of Rajinikanth will work out like a magic if this happens.

This is not the first time when S Gurumurthy has expressed his views about this development in the state politics. Earlier also In June 2017, much before Rajinikanth had hinted about his political entry, Gurumurthy had said that the time was ripe for the superstar to enter politics by justifying with the reason that vacuum created by the demise of former CM Jayalalithaa is yet to be fulfilled and this is probably the best time. In my view, he has already made up his mind. “He is only looking for the right timing to make the announcement. I think he will launch his own party” Gurumurthy told India Today.

“He would like to have a national perspective. And he cannot have a national perspective unless he is with the Congress or BJP. Obviously, there are very little similarities between him and Congress, and so I believe BJP will be his natural choice,” he had said.

After that once he has said that all worries over the future of Tamil Nadu will disappear if film superstar-turned-politician Rajinikanth and the Bharatiya Janata Party were to join hands in the state. Many times this linkage has been hinted by Gurumurthy

On the other hand talking about Rajinikanth’s opponent Kamal Haasan’s ideology Gurumurthy  said he appeared to be more inclined towards Dravidian politics and there is no possibility of his alliance with the saffron party. He cannot be a change to the corrupt Dravidian parties.

Some observers have also pointed to Rajinikanth acting as a gateway for the BJP into the state. While there is no word yet on how the rumoured alliance may span out in the coming times. Rajinikanth has spoken of his inclination towards setting things right in Tamil Nadu. “There is a need for a political change. The system needs to change. We need a politics that is truthful, straightforward and clean. We need a kind of politics that is devoid of influences of caste and religion. We need ‘spiritual’ politics. That is my goal and wish,” he had said while announcing his political outfit.