PM Modi asks “Should I send Jawans with Guns or Cameras? In Karnataka, PM Modi is destroying the Congress single handedly

In just 4 days, the Karnataka battle field has totally turned friendly towards the BJP. The speculations of a hung assembly has vanished and the BJP gaining back the throne is completely within reach. This major transformation happened in just a few hours after PM Modi landed in Karnataka on May 1st.

The speech of PM Modi was aggressive than ever as he made a direct attack on the top leaders of Congress including Rahul Gandhi, Nehru and Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah. Even yesterday’s rally had put the Karnataka Congress in trouble after PM Modi said “They raised questions over Surgical Strike also. I want to ask a simple question: Should I send my Jawans with guns or should I send them with cameras to get you proof of Surgical Strike?”.

He reminded the Kannadigas on how the Congress had doubted the Indian Army and spoke in a supporting tone of Pakistan that surgical strike never took place.

Not just Surgical Strike but the Congress had even insulted Field Marshall Cariappa and General Thimayya: PM Modi

Congress has a history of insulting the individuals who work for the betterment of the nation. PM Modi spoke on how the Congress had treated the warriors of the Indian Army by saying “Karnataka has a rich history of valour with immortal names like Field Marshall Cariappa and General Thimayya. But, how Congress governments treated them is well recorded in history. In 1948 after defeating Pakistan, General Thimayya was insulted by PM Nehru and then RM Krishna Menon”.

In a bid to attack the Modi government, Congress party had gone to an extreme extent of attacking each and everything that was associated with the BJP. For instance, the Army chief needs to be in contact of the PM; the Congress attacked him by calling as a “Sadak Chap Goonda”. The Congress party supported the stone-pelters and attacked the Army for breaking the back of the stone pelters.

PM Modi threw light on how the Congress even insulted the national song days ago. The PM said “Congress party’s disrespectful attitude for our Armed Forces is well known. From insulting Field Marshall Cariappa & General Thimayya to calling our Army Chief a ‘Sadak ka goonda’ right after surgical strikes, they have consistently shown their disdain for our brave heroes”. These were the words of PM Modi in Kalaburgi.

PM Modi even grabbed praises from the former Prime Minister HD Devegowda who said “Before the 2014 elections, I had said I would resign my Lok Sabha membership if BJP gets a majority on its own. I decided to resign, but Modi persuaded me against doing so. He said the country needs the experience and services of senior leaders”.

This response had come from Mr Gowda after PM Modi slammed the Congress for disrespecting Mr Gowda in their statement.  PM Modi had batted in favour of Mr Gowda in his rally that took was held n May 1st.

Mr Gowda also said that “Modi is aware about the happenings in Karnataka politics, and also what Rahul Gandhi said about me. In this background, he must have praised me out of respect. What he said is true, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any differences with him”.

After this statement, there were speculations by the political experts that BJP might join hands with the JDS. But PM Modi’s speech on May 3rd put everyone in confusion as he slammed the JDS party for joining hands with communal forces ahead of the elections.

To conclude, one can say that BJP’s chance to clinch the Karnataka title seems possible after the initial 4-5 rallies of PM Modi. There are more than a dozen rallies of PM Modi and nearly couple of dozen rallies to be held by Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath. So one can say that Modi wave is intact.

Hansika Raj