Does PM Modi carry a mobile phone? If yes, then how secure is it?

Prime Minister Narendra's Modi's life is safeguarded by several elite forces but what about the gadgets used by PM Modi?

After several years, India has got a man who has a spine to stand up for the country. From China to the United States, India’s power is recognized and the credit goes to PM Modi and his team of honest leaders. So, the security of PM Modi is the topmost priority.

Prime Minister Narendra’s Modi’s life is safeguarded by several elite forces but what about the gadgets used by PM Modi? If the enemies of the nation sneak into systems used by PM Modi’s then it will prove fatal to India. It is a known fact that PM Modi uses gadgets but among them, let us focus on mobile phone.

Does PM Modi use a mobile phone?

After observing PM Modi interacting with guests and clicking selfies, we can make out that PM Modi uses the iPhone 6 more as a mobile camera device than for communication. The iPhone doesn’t needs much security due to iys cutting edge technology .For his Twitter and Facebook accounts there is a social media team .For all other communication it is routed through his Principal Secretary who owns the encrypted mobile phone specially manufactured by Bharat Electronics Limited a Navratna PSU.

These babies function on the military frequency band which renders them untraceable and unhackable through normal modes , the frequency and the number of clients is regularly monitored by agencies like NTRO and DeITY . So even if someone hacks into the channel ,the agencies will know that they have company . All these phones have a self destructing/ remote sequence installed.

Now the question is does he use this same phone for personal calls, i.e. to call his mom, brother, etc. too? And does he own a personal mobile number?

As mentioned above, the mobile is served in the Military Bandwidth, there is a number alloted which is not actually a mobile number. But a four digit no. Corresponding to the military spectrum identifier on the RAX network. The primary function of the mobile phone is to establish secure communication between cabinet ministers, party functionaries. This also prevents a wiretap by opposition parties and interestingly a few chosen members from the opposition are also provided with these phones.

Source and Credit: Kesariya Vilayati

Hansika Raj