What does PM Modi do on election results day?

It is a very common practice for all politicians to get glued in front of TV sets on election result day. Months of campaigning, strategies and hard work would rise anyone’s Blood pressure.

But our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is quite different from all. Not many know what exactly PM does on result days. Many believe that PM doesn’t come out of the house and he performs pooja until the election results are declared. He remains alone in his room and doesn’t talk to anyone.

But this is not the true story, these are only speculations and rumors created by so called media. The fact is PM Modi neither locks himself in a room doing pooja nor remains silent without talking to anyone.

For PM Modi, result days are just another routine day. He wakes up as usual at 5 AM, performs his yoga, reads news papers and checks his mails. He then heads to office as usual. In most of the politicians house, it is common to see their supports throng the house chanting slogans and bursting crackers and celebrating in front of the house. But PM Modi has never encouraged this tradition even while he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

He usually doesn’t encourage any celebrations near his house, nor would ask any party office bearers to gather near his house. He doesn’t give any media bytes or statements after the results.

Even during the announcements of Lok Sabha elections results, PM Modi was never seen outside, the first call he answered was from Rajnath Singh who congratulated him on the phone. After the results were announced, he immediately went to see his mother to take her blessings. He never gave any statements to media and met all office bearers in the BJP headquarters in the evening and addressed the people of Gujarat thanking them for the verdict.

Seeking his mother’s blessing after every win is the first thing he does and he has followed this practice since 15 years.

This routine habit is been followed since years, according to PM Modi he is always ready to face both win and loss with humility. He follows the principle of “face win with humility and loss with grace”.  He believes that neither win nor loss should change the personality of a person and his commitment to the country.

Aishwarya S**