This is how PM Modi exposed Congress party in his marathon speech in the parliament!

PM Modi’s blazing speech in the parliament…

He has time and again proved that he’s unstoppable; nothing can stop his voice from reaching the people – that’s our PM, Narendra Modi.

As PM speaks in Lok Sabha, opposition MP’s shout slogans. “I wish the opposition had the courage to listen to silently,” says PM Modi with the same amount of patience and charm.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to speak in the Lok Sabha today, on the Motion of Thanks to the President’s address. The discussion on the motion of thanks to President Ram Nath Kovind’s address to the joint sitting of the two Houses of Parliament on the opening day of the Budget Session began yesterday and was initiated by the BJP’s chief whip, Rakesh Singh.

Following PM Modi’s speech today, the motion is likely to be adopted, given the NDA’s majority in the lower house. The BJP has issued a whip and asked its members to be present in the parliament today and tomorrow. PM Modi’s reply is expected to respond to the recent attacks on his government by the opposition parties, including employment generation, state of the economy, farmers’ issues and foreign affairs among others.

What started from Independence has now become the only thing that Congress does – defend one family, says PM Modi

After independence, right from the start, if you had worked sincerely and honestly for the people of the country, India would have been miles ahead of where it is today. But all you were interested in was to promote one person and his family.

PM Modi also questioned Congress’ commitment to democracy. He asked, “How did the Congress act in Kerala, how did they treat the Akali Dal in Punjab, how did they behave in Tamil Nadu? Why did Congress dismiss so many state governments at their will? This is no commitment to democracy.”

We cannot forget how the Congress insulted Shri Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, a proud son of Andhra Pradesh. They humiliated him. Nobody in India needs lessons on democracy from the Congress Party: PM said in the Lok Sabha.

“You talk of democracy and try to lecture us? It was your party chief that tore up the paper and threw it in front of the media, it was your party chief that didn’t let young leaders give their points of view and you preach us democracy, PM Modi said in the Lok Sabha. I see that whenever we are criticized by select opposition parties, a substance is lacking. They go back to saying; ‘when we were in power…’ This is the same party that divided India, he added.

“India did not get democracy due to Pandit Nehru, as Congress wants us to believe. Please look at our rich history. There are many examples of rich democratic traditions that date back centuries ago. Democracy is integral to this nation and is in our culture,” he said.

When we compare the work done in 3 years of the NDA government to that done by the Congress in the past, when we compare the facts, figures and numbers… well, what comparison are we even talking about…there is none. The Congress has failed the people miserably, so let me give you the numbers.

I know it pains you to hear all this, but the people of this nation already gave you a bitter pill to swallow a few years ago. Many of you have still not come to terms with it, but hear some more… said PM Modi.

  • Nowadays, people who don’t even know the basics of banking are seen shouting that NPAs have increased under PM Modi’s tenure. But PM Modi said that “workings of our previous governments responsible for NPA mess”.
  • “The workings of our previous government are responsible for the NPA mess. They are 100 per cent responsible and nobody else. The banking policies of the previous Governments were not proper. Middlemen were happy, the country was suffering,” revealed PM Modi.
  • “I have to tell the entire nation about the NPA mess our previous government created,” said PM Modi.