PM Modi gave a befitting reply to Congress President on his remarks of tarnishing PM Modi’s image! Here’s what he said?

Few days back Congress President said his only aim is to tarnish the image of PM Modi. In a befitting reply to Congress President Rahul Gandhi on his remarks PM Modi said “By hurling abuses, you cannot dissolve the 50-long year of Modi’s tapasya (struggle) in dust. He further added “By tarnishing my image and by making me small, these people want to make an unstable and a weak government in the country,”

PM Modi countering the lies of Rahul Gandhi on the Rafale deal said, “Your father was termed ‘Mr Clean’ by his courtiers, but his life ended as ‘Bhrashtachari No. 1′ (No. 1 corrupt person)”. PM Modi was referring to the one of the biggest scam “Bofors Scam” done under the tenure of Rajiv Gandhi

Attacking and hurling abuses at PM Modi feels righteous to Congress party but when PM Modi attacked Congress President and his father it hasn’t gone well with him, his sister and other Congress leaders
The Congress President attacked PM Modi. He tweeted

“Modi Ji,
The battle is over.
Your Karma awaits you.
Projecting your inner beliefs about yourself onto my father won’t protect you.
All my love and a huge hug

Senior congress leader P Chidambaram also attacked PM Modi and said “Mr Modi has crossed all limits of propriety and decency by defaming a man (Rajiv Gandhi) who died in 1991.Another attack came from Priyanka Vadra Gandhi. She said “Rajiv Gandhi had died for the people of Amethi and that PM Modi was insulting the martyrdom of the former Prime Minister.

The Congress President rightly admitted that his and his party’s only motive is to tarnish PM Modi’s image. For doing so they will spread fake news and lies about PM Modi and his Government. They only want to acquire power by hook and crook. They can stoop any low to get back in power. But he is wrong because now the nation has awaken and it doesn’t believe their lies and is standing with PM Modi