PM Modi Gives Awesome Advice to JanDhan Account Holders…”How to Teach Lesson to Corrupts”!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always been criticized as ‘corporate friendly’ by many biased people. Congress Vice President went on to say “Suit boot ki Sarkaar”! However, NDA government has brought in several schemes for the welfare of the poor. Especially, demonetization has been appreciated by the people with lesser economic opportunities. In spite of that, we are hearing several instances where crores of rupees have been found in the form of new notes which have shocked the people at large. Although large number of bank employees are trying hard to provide the best service possible for the people, there seems a nexus between some of the bank officials and politicians and businessmen.

The amount of money that has been credited into the Jandhan account which was the brainchild of Prime Minister Modi towards financial inclusion focusing especially on poor has raised many eyebrows. It is very much evident that rich people are trying to convert their black money into white by using the Jandhan accounts of the people working under them.

In a rally at Moradabad, Prime Minister Modi gave a solution for the issue of Jandhan. He said “When we started opening Jan Dhan accounts, poor people did not know how they would come of use. Are they of use now or not? Those who had hoarded black money are now running after the poor and ordinary among us. They are making small talk and then asking the poor people to deposit two lakh rupees in their accounts,”.

“Did they ever come to talk to poor people? But now, they keep circling the houses of the poor. Listen to me. If you have deposited money like this in your account, do not return it. Let the money sit in your account,” PM said. 

“In case if they threaten you, then daringly say that you will write a letter to the Prime Minister and inform about the wrong doings. Otherwise ask them to provide the proof that they have deposited money in your account” he assured with a smile of victory.

“I’m trying to find a way to send those who deposit money in poor man’s account to jail while the poor get to keep the money,” he added.

Thus the Prime Minister provided rationale behind limiting the withdrawal limit for Jandhan accounts to Rs. 10,000 a month. The people who had gathered at the rally gave a big round of applause.

Akshara Damle

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