‘PM Modi is a good man, there is nothing fake about him’: Subramanian Swamy speaks his heart out on PM Modi, Congress and Hindutva!

Subramanian Swamy who is well known for his no nonsense talk or appeasement to anyone gave an interview to Huffington Post recently where he talked about PM Modi, UP elections and Hindutva.

It can be regarded as one of the best interview in recent times where he’s been very candid and open. In the interview, he blends sarcasm and fun with his witty answers!

Were you expecting such a landslide victory for the BJP in UP?

I did not expect it after the first round [first phase]. But then my advice [to the party] was that governance is a necessary condition for achieving electoral victory, not a sufficient condition. For sufficient, you needed some sentimental issues. For us, for the BJP, the sentimental issue was Hindutva. And unless we articulate that, we will not be able to win.

I gave the examples of the magnificent governance done by Morarji Desai, who lost the election; Narasimha Rao, who transformed the Indian economy completely but lost the election; and Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who spoke about India shining, but ended up losing very badly.

Was Modi upfront about the Hindutva agenda?

The prime minister is a pracharak of the RSS. So, if you peel off his exterior it is all Hindutva. I don’t believe there is anything fake about him. But he was sold an idea that you must now expand.

Who won the election, BJP or Modi?

We [BJP] can’t do without Modi because he is a man who has made a name, he has good habits, and he is a good man. We think well off him. He spoke only of governance and that was not enough. So, I would say, Modi, Hindutva and anti-corruption.

Modi was more at ease addressing Hindutva issues in the 2014 election campaign than he is now. Why is that?

Perhaps he has friends who have told him. Delhi is a strange place. In Gujarat, nobody told him. The Trump phenomenon should now disabuse you of any such thing. Now, political correctness is no longer a virtue. Say it like it is. Political correctness is dead.

Is there anger within the BJP and the RSS that Modi distanced himself from Hindutva?

He is one of them. He is more one of them than I am. I’m not an RSS man. We just happen to have the same views. He is trained by them. He is a pracharak.

Is Modi role playing?

No, he is not. He genuinely wanted to get away from the image of a killer that was painted by NDTV and others on him. They chased him with cases and things like that.

Frankly, I know what happened in Gujarat, and he was the least involved.

Do you think the PM will be more forthcoming on Hindutva issues after the UP victory?

No, he doesn’t have to be. We’ll [BJP/RSS] take care of it.

Are you inching closer to your dream of a Congress-mukt Bharat?

They [Congress] are doing it to themselves. It is their nightmare. Have you seen any system where the family is the only supplier of leaders? It is doomed to failure in India. We need people to come from all walks of life. The prime minister was once selling tea. What a great social transformation.

Who does the BJP have other than Modi to lead? What happens after him?

Modi is not the family that controls the BJP. We will always have somebody. This question was also asked when Vajpayee was there. What will BJP do after Vajpayee? Modi emerged. This party has a pool, you may not know about them because they don’t project themselves.

What do you make of the anti-Romeo squads?

It’s a bad name. We didn’t give that name.

It was in the BJP manifesto.

Well then, somebody didn’t know English. Romeo was very steady to one woman. The man sacrificed his life for one love. I think if it is a government squad, no problem, but we can’t allow people to take law into their own hands under any circumstances.

But that is precisely what is happening. A Muslim man was dragged out of his home…

Well then, it needs to be corrected. Our people have got out hand. And there are people who are now pretending to be us. If someone has a teeka, does not mean that he is part of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

Do you believe in the “Love Jihad” theory?

The ‘Love Jihad’ theory was first propounded by the Kerala High Court, not by us. It came out of that. Now, is there Love Jihad? Of course, there is.

What proof do you have?

You want proof, I will give you proof in ten days.

Will the Congress Party recover?

The Congress Party will recover, but they [Gandhi family] are finished. Somebody will come up and throw them out. It will not be before 2029. But we’ve got it made. This Hindutva will take us till then.

Do you not want a position in the cabinet?

Selecting ministers is the prerogative of the prime minister. Am I qualified, yes. But I come with a baggage. I have my own mind. I’m not going to do what other ministers do, [which is] defer to secretaries. But on the other hand, tomorrow I might become a minister, how do you know.

And, what portfolio would you like?

I would love to be the finance minister. I’d turn the country around; it’s in a mess. Today, there was a Question and Answer from the Commerce Ministry — exports and imports have simultaneously declined, year after year, for the past three years. How can the exports and imports both decline. It means we’re heading for a crash. I think the economy needs rescuing.

What are the two or three milestones for the Modi government at the three-year mark?

There has not been a single charge of corruption against this government, three years have gone by. Two, we have ensured that those who play with our national security will be taught a lesson. And there has not been a single riot in the country for the past three years.

Would you like to be the Prime Minister?

There is no question of liking or not liking….because I was brought up by a great sage called the Shankaracharya of Kanchi who said that you should not desire anything. What you should get will come chasing you. The prime ministership, if I’m destined to get it, then it will come.

Source credit: Huffington Post


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