PM Modi hits sixer, “Let any Congress leader outside family become party president for 5 years, then I will say that Nehru ji really created a democratic system”

PM Modi who is well known for his witty talks, has once again hit the right chord in trolling the entire Congress for their fake claim of setting democratic system.Couple days back, on the occasion of Jawaharlal Nehru Birth anniversary, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor claimed that it was Nehru who set the democratic system in India and made a ridiculous statement saying that ” If today a Chaiwala has become PM it was because of Nehru”

His statement was indeed seen as heights of sycophancy because Congress is that party which sowed the seeds of dynastic rule in the country. Since then the Nehru-Gandhi family made it a habit to consider that they were the official heir of the throne. First it was Nehru, Indira, Rajiv, Sonia and now Rahul Gandhi. Its been 5 generations and the Congress has not let go the dynastic politics which is the sole reason why India lost the opportunity for growth.

The arrogant attitude of Congress party and their people is so much that they had even mocked PM Modi for being a Chaiwala and said “A Chaiwala can never become PM of the country”

But Prime Minister Modi gave a firm reply and embarrassed the Congress and Rahul Gandhi saying, Let the Congress make a non-dynasty member rule the party for 5 years, and then I will accept that Nehruji brought democratic system”

Prime Minister Modi who is campaigning in Ambikapur, Chattisgarh threw an open challenge to Congress party to make anyone outside Nehru dynasty the president of Congress party. He also took a jibe at Mani Shankar Iyer saying “some people do not realise that I have laredy become the Prime Minister and its been 4.5 years and still continue to say “A Chaiwala can never become the PM”.

His statement has struck the Congress where it hurts the most, as many within the Congress have long been complaining about the dynastic rule in the party which is depriving them of every opportunity.

Earlier too PM Modi in the floor of the house had raised an issue saying though there are many talented speakers in Congress, they were deliberately being suppressed to project Rahul Gandhi and project him as most brilliant. His statement has even made Rahul Gandhi bend his head in shame. But now PM Modi has made more blunt attack on Congress accusing them of holding the entire party as their family property.

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