Did PM Modi just pick L K Advani as the next Presidential candidate?

In a very surprising move, reports have now emerged that L K Advani may be the most probable name for the post of President. According to Zee News sources, Senior BJP leader LK Advani may become the next President of India.

This decision is told to be taken by PM Narendra Modi himself during a meeting in Gujarat’s Somnath Temple. According to reports, PM Modi is said to have attended a meeting which was attended by BJP President Amit Shah, Keshubhai Patel and LK Advani.

Supposedly, PM Modi expressed his desire to make L K Advani as the President of India saying President post to L K Advani is like giving ‘guru dakshina’ from the BJP.

However, there is no confirmation on the news yet and no BJP person as officially revealed any information regarding the President’s elections. After the BJP won a massive mandate in Uttar Pradesh, the party can now select their own Presidential candidate.

Since past 2 months, the media has been speculating few names as possible front runners for the President post. The names of L K Advani, Arun Jaitley, Murali Manohar Joshi as the top contenders. However few names from the intellectual class was also heard, M S Swaminathan, who is a scientist and E Shreedharan, popularly known as the Metro man.

Few media houses had also suggested the name of Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan for the post. But however these names are most unlikely to be chosen, since the President post should be given to a person who is serious about country’s politics and development, not to a person who uses the post as a part time job.

Now it is most likely that L K Advani is the option for the BJP.  But many people are expecting PM Modi to select a person like APJ Abdul Kalam who brought new decorum to the post of President after many years. He opened the doors of the Rashtrapati Bhavan to the common people and earned the title People’s President.

Since PM Modi and BJP president Amit Shah are known to give lot of surprises, it is very difficult to speculate anything until the government gives any hint about their decision.

Aishwarya S