PM Modi launch scathing attack on Robert Vadra says, ‘Bless me I will put ” Shenshah” looting farmer’s land behind bars’

Still the Congress is not over from the attack on their beloved leader Rajiv Gandhi that now PM Modi has attacked the “Loving Daamad” Of Congress. While addressing a rally in Haryana’s Fatehabad on Wednesday, PM Modi promised if voted back to power, the NDA government will ensure the ‘Shahenshah’ who looted farmers, is thrown behind bars within the next five years.

He said within these 5 years he has made sure that all those who looted farmers have to face the wrath of their wrong doings.

“Whenever there was Congress Government in the centre and Haryana, they took away the land of farmers at low rates.With your blessings this Chowkidar has taken them to court. They are making rounds of ED and courts to take bail. Earlier the one who used to feel ‘shahenshah’ are really nervous now. I’ve already taken him to the jail door. Give blessings to me and I’ll put him in jail within the next 5 years,” PM Modi said to the crowd

Although he didn’t make any direct announcement but we all know this is being referred to as “Damad Ji” i.e. Robert Vadra, son in law of UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi. Currently Robert Vadra is facing trials in land deals case. He has been facing charges for his involvement in corruption-marred land deals in Haryana’s Gurugram. He is also accused of money laundering. In January Enforcement Directorate (ED) has registered money laundering case against his real estate firm Sky Light Hospitality Pvt Ltd and a few others in connection with suspected financial and other irregularities in land deals in Haryana’s Gurgaon in 2008.Enforcement Directorate (ED) is investigating him in connection with the purchase of a London-based property at 12, Bryanston Square

Even few days back it came in limelight that he has snatched the land of poor farmers who had given it to the government for the usage of a military range for the Indian forces. The report stated “The plots of land in Bikaner district Gajner and Kolayat were snatched from the patriots who had given it to the government to make a military range for the Indian forces. The lands were grabbed by the corrupt through a careful modus operandi through the use of forged papers and benami transactions through the involvement of local tehsildars and patiwars”.

Gandhi family is looting the nation since long. So it is must for us to elect the Modi government. Only Modi government is the one who is taking action against the scamsters.



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