PM Modi has one more year to show results of his government, what are the key issues PM Modi must address now!

The first 3 years of the Modi government has been very successful in terms of reining corruption, stabilizing economy and bringing hope in people. The BJP government under PM Modi was able to bring back the economy on track which was completely in a mess.

They were able to start new schemes which directly benefited the people like Jan Dhan, Mudra, Farmers loan, Ujjwala yojana, Swachh bharat, Start Up India, Stand up India, electricity and housing schemes. These were some of the most simple initiatives which helped people directly. Apart from these schemes, there were many strong decisions on demonetization, surgical strikes, triple talaq taken.

But now it is time to look back and analyse how many have been really successful and what needs to be improved and what needs more focus.

Common people do not understand when elite class economists say, the GDP of the country has raised or they will never understand what is smart city project. What they understand is whether the price of essential commodities have fallen, whether life style has improved.

Lets take up each issue!

1. What is the status of Ganga rejuvenation or Ganga cleaning, has the pollution level in Ganga decreased, how long does it require to completely clean Ganga?

2. How far has the governmnet progressed with River linking project? Since this is one of the key schemes which will benefit farmers.

3. What are the steps Modi government took for Women safety? (Did the government introduce new laws, Special courts for women to handle rape, acid attacks, molestation and abuses?), what steps have been taken to prevent rapes in India?

4. Does the government have a long term strategy to solve Jammu Kashmir problem, what are the steps taken to tackle separatists? What is the progress of abolishing Article 370 in Jammu Kashmir, what is the progress of job creation in the valley?

5. The BJP manifesto talked about introducing Uniform Civil Code (UCC) which will provide equal rights to all citizens of India irrespective of religion and caste, when will it be implemented?

6. Some of the pet projects of the BJP government were digital India, Make in India and Start up India. We accept that digital India has made the life of common man simpler in terms of banking, shopping and online transactions. But how secure is linking AADHAR number which contain all biometric information with PAN card? What are the security measures undertaken?

7. Has Make In India helped entrepreneurs to get government, finance and environmental clearances easily through single window clearance?

8. How many new ventures, investments have started after the Start Up India program was launched?

9. For job creation, Skill training in mainly important, what is the status of skill development program? How many job opportunities has the government able to create?

10. Smart city project was launched to bring development to most isolated cities in the country. So in 3 years, was the governmnet able to provide clean drinking water, road transport, internet connection to the selected smart cities?

11. The biggest worry in people is the increasing security threats in country from Pakistan. What are the measures taken to tackle terrorism and radicalization of youths in the country.

12. Constructing Ram temple was one of the objective of BJP government, can it promise to start the work within 2019?

12. Tackling corruption: How many scam accused  have been jailed or case has been registered against culprits? Why P Chidambaram is still not arrested, what happened to Vadra illegal land cases, what is the progress of Coal scam, 2G, CWG? Has the government able to get back the money looted by scamsters?

13. What are the steps taken to tackle corruption in judiciary and timely delivery of justice?

14. Why is there no full time defence minister in the government?

These are some of the basic question people want to ask the government.

The reason we are highlighting the queries is because PM Modi has proved to be a man of actions, he has been able to bring the lost hope in people. So it is important people understand what exactly government is doing and their plans to bring acchee din. Many projects taken by Modi government needs a rejig. No matter how hard the governmnet works, what matters is the result. So instead of taking 20-30 projects, PM Modi can focus on things which are most important.

The reason we are asking these question is because we want Modi governmnet to be successful and bring better lives to people of the country.

If you feel what is most important, speak up and leave comment so that your voice is heard by the government to work on those aspects.

Real concerns should always reach to the government. Share your concerns and suggestion!

Aishwarya S