PM Modi responds to Hamid Ansari’s insensitive statement like a boss; Looking at this, the pseudo seculars go insane

Sonia Gandhi led team is hell bent to suppress India and Hindus. Recent attack was done by the senior Congress leader and also the ex vice-president of India, Mr Hamid Ansari, that Indian Muslims are feeling insecure in India. But as usual it was single handedly handled by one man and it was none other than PM Modi.

Watch this!!!

It was the responsibility of the Indian Prime Minister to reply to this remark made by the ex vice-President of India. Or else the nation would assume that what Mr Ansari said was right.

Even the vice-president Mr Venkaiah Naidu said that the Muslims are very much safer in India when compared to the entire world. Yes, that was 100 percent true. Here they are given reservations even though their population is more than 17 crores.

Speaking against India is okay but speaking against Mr Hamid is not okay for few journalists

Mr Hamid Ansari’s comment was welcomed by several journalists as it was against Hindus and the nation but when someone countered him with facts than it was considered as shameless comment.

He gave another statement saying “Democracy can become tyranny if Opposition is not allowed to criticise govt policies”. Again he is absolutely wrong because the work of the opposition is not to criticize the ruling government but to support and guide when the government is taking wrong decisions. But according to Mr Ansari, he needs BJP to be criticised for each and every thing even if the policies are pro-development. Wonderfully said Mr Hamid Ansari Ji.

But anyways the government never stopped the opposition from criticising its policies.

Muslims say that they are not insecure but are ashamed of Mr Ansari

The Muslim community asked Mr Ansari not to issue such kind of statements. It not only affects the integrity of India but also disturbs the peace between the  communities.



Many other responsible citizens too condemned Mr Ansari’s statement. After all we are a democratic nation and we have the right to criticize him.

Nishika Ram