PM Modi responds to Rahul Gandhi’s challenge! Crowd go crazy after what PM Modi said on Rahul Gandhi and his challenge

Countdown for Karnataka elections has started. All the parties are having neck to neck fight. While Congress doesn’t want to lose its bastion at any cost BJP is all set to make their entry in the south by winning elections. From today PM Narendra Modi has started his election campaign and is going to address 15 rallies in upcoming five days in order to bury the Congress in the graveyard.

Addressing an election rally at Santhemarahalli in Chamarajanagar today PM launched an all out attack on Congress President Rahul Gandhi and his party. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has challenged the Congress President  “Come on first speak for 15 minutes without reading from paper”.  PM challenged him to speak about his state achievements and leadership and also asked him to pronounce Vishveshvarya” atleast five times.

This challenge is thrown by PM in response to Rahul Gandhi’s challenge to PM some days ago. The Congress President challenged “PM  Modi to debate with him for 15 minutes in Parliament. He also said PM won’t be able to sit after his speech”. PM replied to the Congress President that  “Yes,That’s true. How can people  work along with people who just have their name”? We wear simple clothes.We cannot sit in front oof you.We believe in work not in name”.  PM said that Congress only have the name in top leadership but no work to show what they have achieved.

PM has also naked the Congress party on their lies they have been telling people long ago. He questioned Congress that what about the false promises always made by his government. He made him remember that Manmohan Singh, as Prime Minister, had promised electricity to all villages by 2009. Sonia Gandhi also agreed to fulfill this promise. But then? Where are the results? Why four crore Indians don’t have electricity even after 70 years of India attaining independence.

PM said it is his government who has completed the target of 100 % electrification and will provide free electricity to all these 4 crore houses. He honoured all working class people for making April 28 a red-letter day in nation’s history when electricity reached the last village.

Prime Minister further targeted the Congress President that Perhaps due to over-excitement, newly elected Congress President forgot decency. He did not bother to congratulate the hardworking ‘Mazdoors’ due to whom India’s villages are getting electricity. The PM making an attack on the party stated that The Congress is led by leaders who have no respect for India’s history. I was shocked that they even went to the level of disrespecting ‘Vande Mataram’.

PM said that Karnataka is being ruined by the family politics. CM Siddaramaiah is fighting elections from two seats and has put his son in a third seat. CM is playing politics on Two plus one formula and other Congress Minister and their Children are fighting elections on one plus one formula.

Talking about how Siddaramaiah led Congress Government has ruined the law and order in the state the PM said the state where Lokayukta is not safe, How can we expect common people to be safe in that state?

Prime Minister watching the enormous love of people said that There is not a BJP wave in Karnataka but it is a BJP storm”Stressing upon the development of work the  PM said the voters of  Karnataka on May 12 have to choose between the Bharatiya Janata Party that has its work to show or the Congress which has only the name of its top leadership.