PM Modi reveals that his mother Heeraben sends him money even today

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s interview with Bollywood star Akshay Kumar is doing a lot of buzz throughout the nation. Many were waiting to know about PM Modi’s personal life and in this non-political interview with Akshay Kumar, PM Modi has not disappointed his fans.

While speaking about his mother Heeraben Modi, PM Modi said that “It is my mother who sends me money even today. Every time, I meet her, she keeps sawaa rupaya ( ₹1.25) in my hand. She does not expect anything from me”.

Days ago when Prime Minister Modi had visited his mother, he was presented with a coconut, a chunri and Rs 500 as a part of the tradition. After receiving it, PM Modi took blessings from his mother by touching her feet and left for voting.

In over an hour long interview, PM Modi stated that “I never thought of becoming the prime minister. My mother would have been happy if I had got a good job. But my journey began and this is unnatural for me… I have never been able to understand why people have supported me so much”.

PM Modi even revealed the kind of bonding he shares with world leaders. While speaking about former US president Barack Obama, he stated “Every time I meet the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, he asks me if I have started sleeping more. Whenever he meets me, the first thing he asks me is if I have improved my sleeping habits and asks if I have started listening to him”.

In this interview, PM Narendra Modi has shared information about almost all phases of his life. He also said that playing gillidanda and swimming was one of the most liked sports in his childhood days.

This interview has helped the Indians to know better about their Prime Minister.


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