PM Modi reveals that when Wg. Commander Abhinandan was captured he warned Pakistan “If anything happens to him then “we will not leave you.”

All those who raised questions on PM Modi when Wing Commander Abhinandan was captured and blamed him for whatever happened here is PM Modi’s answer to them

“When Wing Commander Abhinandan was captured by the Pakistani forces – a day after India carried out the airstrikes across the Line of Control it was categorically told to Pakistan that if anything happens to him then “we will not leave you.”

Addressing a rally in Gujarat’s Patan, PM said that he has come to his home turf as their son and it was the duty of the home state to take care of the son of its soil.

So do all those Modi haters have got an answer now? It is because of PM Modi Government efforts only that Wing Commander Abhinandan returned safely to home within 48 hours. PM Modi Government had brought Pakistan on its knees. The Government warned Pakistan not to harm him and made it very clear to Pakistan that no talks will be held and Pakistan has to return Wing Commander Abhinandan immediately. When Pakistan sought to link Abhinandan’s release with the start of talks to defuse tensions highly-placed government sources said that IAF pilot has to be repatriated unconditionally and immediately.

Government made it very clear that Pakistan cannot use Wing Commander Abhinandan as a card for talks and no talks will be done till Commander Abhinandan be back to India. The Government stated “If Pakistan thinks they have a card to negotiate with, then they are mistaken.”

Pakistan tried to create a Kandahar-type pressure but PM Modi Government didn’t give up; “There will be no deal or talks on Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman’s release and India is waiting for immediate, credible and verifiable action against terrorists and their proxies”, said Government

Yesterday the India Air Force has recommended the name of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman for Vir Chakra.This is NEW India for you. It is PM Modi’s India which have made very clear to Pakistan if you will put finger on us we will break you. India is not going to back down.