PM Modi ripped apart Mani Shankar Aiyar for making abusive and personal comments!!! Every Indian will love Modi response

They can call me 'Neech'- Yes, I am from the poor section of society and will spend every moment of my life to work for the poor, Dalits, Tribals and OBC communities

Few hours ago, Manishankar Aiyar won the heart of hardcore Congress supporters by abusing PM Modi as ‘neech aadmi’ (low-life person). But PM Modi once again won the heart of Indians with his response. The reply not only ripped apart Rahul Gandhi’s Congress but also showed how well-mannered is PM Modi.

PM Modi in Surat responded by saying that:

  • They can call me ‘Neech’- Yes, I am from the poor section of society and will spend every moment of my life to work for the poor, Dalits, Tribals and OBC communities. They can keep their language we will do our work.
  • You all have seen me- I have been CM and PM. Has anyone had to hold his or her head in shame due to me. Have I done any shameful thing. Them why are they calling me ‘Neech.
  • This Mughlai Mindset sees everyone but prices as ‘Neech.’ What all have they called us- donkeys, Neech, Gandi Naali Ke Keede…the people of Gujarat will give a fitting answer to such deplorable language.
  • Congress leaders are speaking in a language that is not acceptable in democracy. One Congress leader, who has studied in best institutions, served as a diplomat, was a Minister in Cabinet, he said Modi is ‘Neech.’ This is insulting. This is nothing but a Mughalai Mindset.
  • I beg to the people of India- please let them be. Let them keep calling me ‘Neech’ we will not respond. In our hearts we do not have this mindset and want to congratulate them for theirs. If anything- we will answer them for their mindset by our votes on 9th and 14th.
  • Nothing can stop me from giving back to the poor what belongs to them

By making the above statements, PM Modi single-handedly thrashed the abusive culture of the Congress party.

Can you believe that this “neech aadmi” Manishankar had collected funds for Chinese soldiers during Sino-Indian War?

In 1962 China invaded India and while we (eneffectually) fought the yellow bastards and ourwives knitted sweaters and donated their jewelry for the nation’s defense, this privileged asshole romped about the Backs as general Secretary of the local Communist cell raising money for the Chinese! In a just world he’d have strung and quartered the day he came back home; the world being what it is, Mani had the gall to apply to join our foreign service. Te police-reasonable enough- considered him a security risk and handed the examining authorities the file on him; Aiyar’s family pulled strings and the President finally intervenmed to ease Mani’s entry to the service.
This shocking revelation was mentioned in the book “The Contemporary Conservative” which was authored by Dhiren Bhagat in the year 1990.

Source of this paragrapgh: https://twitter.com/AskAnshul/status/938734493447229440

Do read once again on how Mani Shankar Aiyar used his motor-mouth!!!

“Mujhko lagta hai ki ye aadmi bahut neech kisam ka aadmi hai, isme koi sabhyata nahi hai, or aise mauke par is kisam ki gandi rajniti karne ki kya avashyakta hai? (This man is a low-life person, he isn’t cultured… at this moment why does he need to practice such dirty politics?)”

Hansika Raj