PM Modi Saves Lives Of Reporters; Reminds Us Of An Old Story!

Today there was a news item that Shri Narendra Modi, our Hon. PM saved the lives of many reporters who were covering a news report of our PM visiting Gujarat for the launch of the SAUNI Yojna. Apparently the news reporters were unaware of the water level rising, which could have caused a fatal mishap. Of course, I did not see any news report by our “˜favourite anchors”™ praising the PM for this. It reminded me of a story “¦.

An old king was faced with the predicament of choosing his successor. He had three sons and all of them were brave and virtuous. He decided to send them out of the kingdom for a month and then based on their experiences, he would choose his successor. The sons went in different directions and returned to the kingdom after a month.

The first son said that he travelled widely into the neighbouring kingdoms and learnt about many of their military secrets. On his way back, he came to know that the king of the neighbouring kingdom was going to go on a hunt, with very few soldiers. He took this opportunity and at the right time struck at the king and his soldiers and defeated all of them single-handedly. As a result he was able to get the king to sign a treaty favourable to his kingdom and they would benefit handsomely from this.

The second son also travelled widely and on his visit to a very powerful neighbouring king, had a chance meeting with the princess of that land. She fell in love with him and they decided to get married. Her father was so powerful that now they would never have to fear any other neighbor.

The old king looked hopefully at his third son. This son was always ridiculed and criticized by his older brothers, for his actions. He said, “Father, on my way back, I happened to reach a beautiful sunset point. There at the edge of the cliff, I saw a man sleeping. If he would have rolled over even an inch, he would have lost his life. I quickly went forward to apprise him of the danger. I saw that he was the same person who had tried to kill you last year, our dreaded enemy. But I decided that as a human, his life was worth saving. I lost no time in waking him up and rolling him over to safety. He was surprised at my actions and ran away without saying a word.”

The old king was wise. He immediately crowned the third son his successor. A person, who can save the life of even an enemy, without expecting any praise or reward, is truly a KING.
This is not the first time our Hon. PM has done this. I still remember seeing him offer a glass of water to a member of the AAP Party, in Parliament. An old saying says, “Jaise Raja, Waise Praja” ie. the citizens of a country behave like the ruler of that country. Looking at our history we can say that it must be true. When the Britishers ruled us, they looked down upon our customs and traditions and we too started doing the same. When the Congress ruled us, they were steeped in Corruption and we too went on to become the most corrupt nation, with almost every citizen giving a bribe or taking one. So let us make History once more “¦ let us follow this PM of ours and let every citizen become the most hard-working, cleanliness-friendly and the most successful, silent crusader for progress. Become a Karma Yogi!

Jai Hind !!!

Rati Hegde