“Akhilesh Yadav should take Rahul Gandhi for a ride on his cycle in Varanasi” PM Modi makes a sarcastic jibe at the SP-Congress!

For PM Modi it was Varanasi day out! After the massive campaign during the 2014 general elections in Varanasi, PM Modi  was back in campaign mode in his home turf for the assembly elections in the Uttar Pradesh.

The massive road show conducted today clearly showed the mood of the people in Uttar Pradesh and Varanasi was towards Modi. Even after 3 years, PM Modi has proved that his popularity is simply growing and there is no question of Anti Incumbency. The paid media which wanted to utilize the demonetization move to project a fake Anti Incumbency has completely failed people have showed that they have stood with PM Modi’s decision of demonetization.

PM Modi who started his road show in the morning from BHU and passing through the crowded streets of Varanasi reached Kashi Vishwanath Temple where he offered prayers and then headed towards kala bhairava Temple.

PM Modi who addressed a mega rally in Jaunpur, made a scathing opening remarks against those people who mocked the Indian Army and questioned the surgical strikes against Pakistan. He explained how every soldier gives his life to protect the country and how his family feels when they lose him. He called Jaunpur as the land of sacrifice and remembered hundreds of soldiers who have dedicated their life for the country.

He directly took jibe at Congress’s Rahul Gandhi  saying When the Army conducted surgical strikes, it destroyed enemy camps and before sunrise came back to our mother land, but some people mocked at them questioning their integrity.  People sometimes forget their ethics and culture and commit such sins that are unforgivable. Surgical strikes by India is being studied by the world over, but there are some lost in their political greed started questioning the Army, said Modi should give proof. I want to tell them, go to Jaunpur and meet the mothers of whose sacrificed their lives for the motherland. And you dare question them?

Later he attacked Akhilesh Yadav, Chief Minister says kaam bolta hai. So I thought I should read the UP state government’s website. So I read it in public. The bad condition that UP is in courtesy SP was made public. The SP was exposed.

He made a sarcastic comment on Akhilesh and Rahul saying, Akhilesh should take his new friend Rahul Gandhi on his cycle on the streets of Varanasi and check the condition of roads. He said that he will make sure every promise he made will be fulfilled once the BJP comes to power. I promise that at the first meeting after BJP is voted to power, the work to forgo famer loans will be taken.

He asked the people of UP, whether they get 24/7 electricity? They are not interested in giving electricity in Jaunpur but only in Saifai. He also raised issues on women safety asking… In Jaunpur, after the sun sets, can your mother and sisters step out of the house? Should they not have the right to live peacefully as men do?, He said the people needs to analyse who is responsible for this situation in UP?!

He also said how the PM Ujjawala Yojana has been helping every women get free gas connection. He said by the end of 2018 the govt will give gas connections to 5 crore households in UP.

We want to develop UP. We want to build roads that lead to villages and make gas pipelines. We said we need full majority if UP needs to transform, otherwise people will always have plans to put brakes for your work said the PM.

The crowd in every aspect was responding to PM Modi’s questions and there were loud cheers of Har Har Modi. The crowd was so enthusiastic that PM Modi had to take break in between to control the crowd which was chanting Modi slogans.

Looks like the mood in UP is definitely favouring BJP and Modi’s magic has definitely worked.

Aishwarya S