PM Modi slams Archbishop!!! Don’t issue fatwas against ‘nationalists’ because we saved Father Tom from ISIS

Those who are releasing Fatwas against 'nationalists' should see the effort we undertook to get Father Tom back

Modi said “he was surprised to see a man associated with spirituality release a Diktat”. And what made him say this was Thomas Macwan’s appeal to Christians to save the country from “nationalist forces”.

The Catholic priest from Kerala was allegedly abducted from Yemen by ISIS.

Before we get into the actual news, let me make you aware with what happened to a Kerala Priest named Tom Uzhannalil, some months back.

Kidnapped from Yemen!!!

Father Tom Uzhannalil, a priest from Kottayam in Kerala who was kidnapped by Yemeni militants from a charity home in Aden, had been released by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj.

Priest Tom Uzhunnalil was abducted in March 2016 when four gunmen posing as relatives of one of the residents of a Missionaries of Charity home in Aden attacked the home, killing four Indian nuns, two Yemeni female staff members, eight elderly residents and a guard. ‘Father Tom’, as he was called, was with the Salesian Congregation (The Society of Don Bosco), and had reportedly volunteered to stay and serve at the home after thousands of Indians were evacuated in the outbreak of violence in Yemen.

Fr. Tom spent more than a year in captivity.

Modi and Sushma Swaraj were thanked- for his release:

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Ms. Swaraj for “persistently and perseveringly” trying to obtain his release.

“In different meetings with the Foreign Minister, she assured us that Father Tom was safe and that the Government would do everything to get him released. The Prime Minister too had assured us that all would be done to get him released,” the Catholic body said in a statement.

Ms. Swaraj confirmed that Fr. Uzhannalil had “reached the Vatican.”

Since his abduction, Ms. Swaraj had made several statements on the government’s efforts to secure his release, as they have been able to do in other such cases, including the release of an aid worker from Afghanistan.

In July, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj also met with Abdul Malik Abduljalil Al-Mekhlafi, deputy prime minister of Yemen in Delhi, where he confirmed that “Father Tom was alive and the Yemen Government has been making all efforts to secure his release” according to an MEA release.

“I am happy to inform that Father Tom Uzhunnalil has been rescued,” Ms. Swaraj posted on her Twitter account.

What about the Culprits?

His kidnappers, who had not been identified, released two videos of him, which showed him pleading for his life, leading to speculation they were mercenaries looking for a ransom.

Concerns about Mr. Uzhunnalil grew in March this year when reports of his being taken into captivity by ISIS emerged, and an online report claimed he would be “crucified around Good Friday.

However, in April, his kidnappers released another video showing him alive, where he made another plea, including to Pope Francis at the Vatican. “My health condition is deteriorating quickly and I require hospitalisation as early as possible,” he added in the recording.

Coming back to Modiji’s reaction to this!!!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reacted for the first time to Gandhinagar archbishop Thomas Macwan’s appeal to Christians to save the country from “nationalist forces”, saying those who are releasing fatwas against ‘nationalists’ should see govt’s effort who got Father Tom back from ISIS captivity.

PM Modi tweeted, “Those who are releasing Fatwas against ‘nationalists’ should see the effort we undertook to get Father Tom back. Father Tom was guided by his love for Lord Christ and was working. We got Father Tom back. We also got back Father Prem, who was kidnapped in Afghanistan.”

Without taking the name of Thomas Macwan, archbishop of the Catholic archdiocese of Gandhinagar, Modi said: “I am shocked that a religious person has issued a fatwa to kick out rashtra-premis (nationalists).” Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of SGVP Holistic Hospital, a 400-bed multi-speciality hospital run by the Swami Narayan sect, Modi said: “Only patriots can work for the welfare of people without discriminating on grounds of religion, caste and language…” Modi recalled the Centre’s mission to rescue Christian priests, nurses and other Indians from strife-stricken countries. He said the Indian government had also rescued the citizens of 80 other countries. Attacking Macwan on Twitter without taking his name, he said: “I was surprised to see a man associated with spirituality issue a diktat to remove nationalist forces from power…”

After all this, all that we can conclude is “ Your good deeds are never counted Modiji. Evil eyes will remain evil no matter what”.






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