PM Modi slams Rahul Gandhi’s hypocrisy, says ‘If Ram and Krishna can be criticized, then so can Modi and Rajiv Gandhi’

Just 2 days before the last phase of voting and few days before the result of Loksabha Elections 2019, today PM Modi slammed Congress president hard.

During an interview with News24 when PM Modi was asked about the reply given by Rahul Gandhi on his remarks of “Bhrastachari No 1” for his father, where he replied, “He will never drag the Prime Minister’s own parents into politics even though Modi may not award him the same courtesy”.

Listening to this, PM Modi launched a scathing attack on him. He said he has never called him by his name but today he will directly attack him by taking his name

PM Modi said “Shriman Rahul Gandhi ji, you have the experience of 5 generations in public life, your family has occupied the highest positions in the country, and therefore, I do not doubt your wisdom. I am requesting you today to not show any mercy towards my parents. If my parents have ever done anything wrong, in personal, social or public life, whatever information you have on the matter, come out in public with the matter.” He further said that he will personally request the Election Commission to allow Rahul Gandhi to present the information on his parents’ conduct even if the time for campaigning is over.

He further challenged him to bring out whatever proofs he has and speak against him and his parents. PM Modi said by using the word mercy he has hurt my integrity and sanskaar

PM Modi also said “Yes! No one has the right to criticize anyone’s family or parents, but everyone has the right to question about the former Prime Minister and Raj Parivaar and those who live in public life. If Lords can be criticized then who we are. He further said even the same applies to me also, after my tenure ends everyone has the right to question me and criticize me”