PM Modi wins the heart of Indians as he dumps the “Lal Batti” culture and travels like a common man in Delhi’s traffic

It’s well known to each and every individual in the world that India has now got a Prime Minister who thinks about people and the nation before himself, who takes pride in serving the people and considers it a priority.This has not been once reflected by the actions of our loving Prime Minister but many times. Today, what PM Modi did has once again won the heart of Indians.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi declined to put in place the usual protocol for his convoy as it made its way to Baba Sahib Ambedkar Higher Secondary School in Paharganj after launching the clean India initiative.

This move is taken by Prime Minister so that common citizens should not suffer due to this VVIP culture. There should be no inconvenience for his people. Because if Prime Minister would have decided to implement the protocol  then Delhi Police would be s implementing roadblocks, temporarily obstructing lane-traffic and creating a corridor for the PM’s convoy causing difficulty to people which our PM doesn’t want

Prime Minister Modi covered the 8 km drive, a significant part of which goes through a densely-populated area just like a common man. In fact for few minutes he also experienced traffic jam when his cavalcade got stuck in traffic


The concept of ‘Lal Batti’ providing importance to certain people over regular citizens followed since long has been given a new meaning by our loving PM. Prime Minister Modi not only says but he does too, He stood true to what he had said a few days earlier about seeking a change in the culture of VIP (Very Important Person) to one of EPI (Every Person is Important).

Earlier also, Prime Minister has bent the protocol several times showing his true statesmanship. Following the demise of former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee, PM Modi walked openly with the funeral procession for six kilometres to the funeral venue. Few days ago, he personally visited people who were injured and affected by the incident during his rally in West Bengal. With his kind gesture to the airman of Indian Air Force by asking about his health he made Indians proud too.PM Modi has always taken measures to ensure least traffic disruption, especially when he makes his way to the airport. These are some examples only, there are endless such gestures by PM Modi we can never forget

We really appreciate the efforts of our loving Prime Minster. We are fortunate that we have got such a true leader who works day and night for the nation. Some people doesn’t realize the value of the gem we have got and keep on bootlicking the dynasty has to pay off really hard for their such thinking. It will be good for them and the nation too not to rage war against him and support him in his endeavours for making India proud at the international level

More power to your our beloved Prime Minister. Do vote for PM Modi Government in the upcoming election “Har Bar Modi Sarkar, Baar Baar Modi Sarkar”

Source: Republic World