PM Modi’s Masterstroke has stunned grand alliance! Azam Khan demands that 5% out of 10% quota for the poor be reserved only for Muslims

India’s opposition parties are really in big trouble after the Modi government’s 10 percent reservation for the upper caste’s economically backward people in jobs and education. If they oppose the amendment, then the upper caste will totally slam the Congress and grand alliance in 2019 Lok Sabha elections. If the amendment is supported by the grand alliance, even then PM Modi is the winner. So, PM Modi is leading in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections even before the vote counting has begun.

Now the Modi haters are totally cornered. That’s why to protect their political career, they are trying various gimmicks. One such politician is controversial leader Azam Khan who has now put forward a crazy demand saying that 5% out of 10% quota for the poor be reserved only for Muslims.

Yes, Azam Khan has said “If there is no thought about providing reservations for the second largest population of this country in this new policy, then what does this reservation mean? Once again, the Communal card is being played at the time of the election. This is not a masterstroke, we demand that we should be given 5% to give preferential treatment to us”.

Since last year or so there was a strong argument that the upper caste Hindus are very angry at the Modi government as they are completely neglected. This would have been seriously affected PM Modi’s seat shares in 2019. But this masterstroke of 10 percent reservation has totally toppled the scenario.

Now if politicians like Azam Khan call this a communal card then the upper caste Hindus will convert themselves into a vote bank and back PM Modi even more strongly. Even Asaduddin Owaisi, who wanted reservation for Muslims took an u-turn to slam the Modi government and said “Reservations are meant to correct historical injustice to Dalits. For poverty alleviation, one may run various schemes but reservations are meant for justice. Constitution doesn’t permit reservations on economic grounds”.

Hansika Raj