PM Modi’s Speech on New Year’s Eve…Doles Out Schemes for Farmers, Urban Poor and Middle Class!

As expected PM Narendra Modi has taken pro active steps to take the economy forward, again proving the fact that unlike other politician he has a vision for long term development of the nation. Today when Narendra Modi came before us wishing a new year, we expected assurance from Modi that our future will be bright and we as a nation will achieve all the dreams put forward us since 2014. I must say PM Modi has went a step ahead taking care of all the sections of the society and announced reforms which will bring a huge change in the economy and will help us to achieve all out dreams.

Here we have listed down key take-aways from PM Modi’s address to the nation:

  1. Since Deepavali, our nation has went through a process of cleansing the economy and this exercise has been a successful one because of the dedication, grit, courage and unity people of India showed during these tough times. The sacrifice made by the people of India will not go in vain rather would help the country achieve a lot in the coming years
  2. The common man had suffered in various ways and had to kneel down before the evils due to black money and counterfeit notes. Thanks to this exercise common man will see the ligh of the day and will lead a more comfortable life in future.
  3. People have united to make this exercise a successful one and this shows people were waiting to get rid of evils hurting the common man and the nation. The collective power of people have given the nation an opportunity to cleanse itself of all the evils. People of India have time and again showed unity when it came to help the country come out of tough situation. This unity is unmatchable to any country in near history.
  4. Citizens of this great country have again proved the proverb of “Kuch baat hai hasti mitti nahi hamari”.
  5. The people of this country have shown great strength to fight the external enemy in 1962, 1965, 1971 and in Kargil War. Now people have again shown their patriotism by getting united to fight against internal evils.
  6. Normally Governement and People stand against each other whenever there’s a fight to win over the evil but this is one of those rare occasions where people and government is taking same stand to fight over the evil threatening the growth of the country.
  7. There’s no replica in the world in the near future which can be compared with the sacrifice made by the people of the nation for the greater good of the nation.
  8. The exercise of ‘Demonetization’ has destroyed the parallel economy by its roots and has brought it into mainstream. As a result of this country will be able to make great strides in future.
  9. If the likes of Lal bahadur Shastri, Ram Manohar Lohya, Jayprakash Narayan were alive today they would have saluted the country for the sacrifice made by it and would be very proud of the people of this nation. The unity shown by people during these tough times has once again proved that the ideology left behind by these great leaders influence people even during these modern days.
  10. It is ridiculous to state that as per Government record there are only 24 lakh individuals in India who have declared their income to be more than 10 lakh p.a.
  11. My government is a honest man’s friend and also wants to encourage people who have intentionally or unintentionally taken the wrong path to come to main stream and live life honestly.
  12. The exercise of demonetization has completely neutralized terrorists, extremists and Maoists in one go. As a result of this record number of people who were involved in extreme acts earlier have chose to bid good bye to that life and have chosen to live a life of honor and integrity.
  13. Bank employees both the gender have given their all to help people in all the way they can. Women employees especially have been working late night to help the customer. Likewise there have also been cases where employees and banks have misused their power and adopted wrongful means to amass wealth. Be sure that these wrong doers will not be spared and law will take its due course to book all those who have adopted illegal acts.
  14. I call upon banks to make a note to help the lower class, lower middle class and middle class by providing them with financial assistance. As we are celebrating the 100th year of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya as Gareeb klalyan Varsh, I call upon banks to use this year productively to help the downtrodden and the poor.
  15. It is matter of great grief that lakhs of poor people who donot have access a house of their own even after 70 years of independence. To help the poor and middle class people to have their own house we have decided that the central government will provide a rebate of 4% for housing loan upto Rs 9 lakh and a rebate of 3% for housing loan upto Rs 12 lakh.
  16. The houses to be built for the poor under PM Awas Yojana will be increased by 33%.
  17. Farmers have a given a befitting reply t oall those who had crtiticized the move stating the move will hit farmers the most. There has been 6% increase in rabi crops and 9% increase in demand for fertilizers.
  18. It is taken care by the central government that there would be no scarcity of seeds and also loan is made accessible to the farmers who will be able to receive loan by following only a few simple steps.
  19. The Central Government will directly transfer the 60 interest on loan taken to raise rabi and kadi crops, meaning, the interest on loan for 60 days will be waived for the farmers.
  20. NABARD will also in association with co-operative banks provide ldouble the amount of loan at very low interest rates. The central government has added extra 20 thousand crores to the already corpus of 21 thousand crores.
  21. The kisan credit card of 3 crore farmers all over the country will be converted into rupay card in next 3 months. The benefit of this exercise would be that, earlier the farmer had to visit the bank to withdraw the money but with the help of credit card, farmer can withdraw money from any palce of his choice.
  22. The credit guarantee for all the small businessmen has been raised from Rs 1 crore to Rs 2 crore. The central government will take up the credit guarantee given to these small businessmen.
  23. Cash credit limit is also increased from 20% to 25%.
  24. Working capital loan also has been asked to be increased from 20% to 30%.
  25. Earlier the annual income of an individual businessman with a turnover of Rs 2 crore would have been considered 8%, but now we have reduced it to 6% and this reduction in percentage will save a lot of amount which would otherwise had to be paid as tax.
  26. MUDRA scheme has benefitted 3.5crore people from all over the country. Be it dalit, adhivasi, women, poor, downtrodden, neglected section of the society. The central government aims to increase this number to 7 crore in the coming year.
  27. Pregnant women of only 53 districts were earlier given an assistance of Rs 4000 earlier. But now onwards pregnant women of all the 650 districts of the nation will receive an assistance of Rs 6000 pa with regards to delivery expenses, nutritious food etc.
  28. Senior Citizens will get a fixed return of 8% on a fixed deposit of Rs 7.5 lakhs or more.
  29. It is now the onus of the politician of this country to shed holier than thou approach and come together under one forum to take collective steps to make politics corruption free. The leaders and political parties will have to take hard steps for the collective good or face the tune.
  30. We as a country also have to take steps to carry on simultaneous state and central election as this will help save a lot of money in the exchequer which can used for the good of the people.
  31. People of this country have always supported the right steps taken for the good of the country and it is again proved by the increase in digital payments that we are looking at. People have accepted the use of technology in carrying on day to day activities. I urge the people to make use of BHIM app launched by the central government. People should connect with BHIM app and come in the mainstream of

PM Narendra Modi has given great gifts to the nation for taking up pain for the past 50 days. Now it is in our hands to support PM to take more of such path-breaking decisions to tackle corruption and black money. We Indians are truly gifted to have such a great person as PM who works day and night for the welfare of the nation. If he needs anything at this point of time, then it is our unwavering support which we are sure you will provide him with.

Ramchandra Bhat