PM Modi’s stern message to Britain ! Unless the promises made with India be realized, no request will be entertained

Once there was a time when India was living at the mercy of other nations. It has to agree to all the demands of other nations whether justified or unjustified. The leaders, instead of developing the nation was more concerned about their own development. But today the time has changed. Today India stands together with them and is praised everywhere in the world for its achievements. This all has become possible only due to one person PM Narendra Modi.

PM Modi has his unique style of working. He never agrees to terms of other countries, instead make other countries agree to terms of India. He has always made it clear that he will not entertain request of any nation that will not be in the favour of his country or countrymen.

During his visit to Britain he not only slammed British PM on asking the condition of jails by saying that “ They will keep Vijay Mallya in the same jail where Britishers had imprisoned leaders like Gandhi and Nehru” but also he refused to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Britain as it didn’t entertain India’s request  for improving visa process.

The Memorandum Of Understanding was a bilateral agreement based upon return of thousands of illegal Indian migrants in place of granting Indian‘s easier access to Visa. This deal was pencilled in January this year between junior home minister Kiren Rijiju and UK’s immigration minister Caroline Nokes.

British Prime Minister Theresa May had assured  PM Modi in India in November 2017 that “the UK would consider further improvements to its visa offer, at the same time, we can step up the speed and volume of returns of Indians with no right to remain in the UK”. This deal was to be penned in April this year when PM Modi paid a visit to Britain. But seeing negligence on the part of Britain, PM Modi refused to sign the deal.

According to the senior Indian high official, Instead of easing the process of Visa infact what is being noticed is that Britain is denying the spouse visas and also cancelling visas based on unnecessary regions. Wherever the requirement of the nation is ease of access to visas especially short-term visas such as for Indians students and those coming to work for companies.

The official also questioned Britain that if they can offer the visa to the Chinese, then why not to Indians?  Britain is offering people of China a two-year multiple entry visit visa.

India wants a better visa system. Infact when the UK negotiated a free trade agreement with India after Brexit, the primary concern during that deal which was discussed was also the grant of ease of access to Visas. Infact one another reason for refusal of deal was that the timelines in the Memorandum Of Understanding were not realistic for getting confirmation of people’s identities. The proposed timelines were that the Indian authorities would have 70 days to verify a suspected illegal Indian in the UK without ID and 15 days to confirm the illegal Indian with ID.

PM Modi’s message is stern. India is not going to compromise at any level. Unless the promises made with India be realized, no further deal will take place with any nation. India will only go ahead in the deals which involves the benefits for the people of nation.

Source : TimesofIndia