PM Narendra Modi beats Bill Gates, the richest man on earth! Do you know how this was possible?

The media is doing all in its power to portray a fading image of Prime Minister Modi. They spread rumours, blame him for things that others are responsible for, all in the desire to falsely malign him. But a survey conducted by Hindustan Times proves his haters terribly wrong.

Prime Minister Modi was voted as the number one choice in the ‘best living role models’ category. This is ample proof that he still holds an overwhelming appeal in the youth. 34.6% youth voted for him, while the persons in the second and third places were Bill Gates (25.5%) and Sundar Pichai (11%) votes. What’s interesting is that last year, Prime Minister Modi had stood 3rd with 18.7% votes. This great jump may suggest more and more youth getting attracted towards his working style and dedication to the country. This may be a signal that Indian youth is no more enamoured with getting success through short-cuts. They want to earn long-lasting success based on their hard work.

When it comes to the political sphere, Prime Minister Modi again won overwhelming support. 47.5% voted for him as their favourite choice while Rahul Gandhi got a paltry 8.9% votes. His mother followed in the third place with 8.7%. What’s interesting is that last year Arvind Kejriwal stood at the second spot with 14%; this year he’s nowhere in the reckoning with a lowly 7% votes. Mamata Banerjee, another politician who makes grand claims of her popularity also got just 7% votes.

Prime Minister Modi’s strength lies in the youth of the country. The youth of today isn’t concerned about caste or religion, but about getting better opportunities. It wants India to develop and progress, and for that it is ready to make temporary sacrifices. This attitude of the youth to keep long-term interests above short-term pain is what is resulting in support for Prime Minister Modi. And this is a very good sign for a developing nation like ours.

Vinayak Jain


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