PM Narendra Modi reveals what was his mother’s reaction when he became the Gujarat CM!

One must be excited to know what was PM Narendra Modi’s mother Heeraben Modi’s reaction when PM Modi became the Prime Minister of India in 2014. The wait is over as PM Modi himself has revealed what was his mother’s reaction not just after became Prime Minister but even when he became the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Speaking on this, PM Modi said “A lot of people ask me how my mother felt when I became PM, but by then the name ‘Modi’ was in the air, my photos were being printed and there was a lot of excitement all over. But I think the bigger milestone for her, was when I became CM”.

This he said in an exclusive interview to “The Humans of Bombay” portal which is publishing it in its five-part narrative titled ‘The Modi Story’. In the fourth part of the portal, PM Modi spoke about his journey from the post of Chief Minister of Gujarat to the post of Prime Minister of India, and response of his mother when he achieved historic feats.

PM Modi went on to narrate what did his mother say in 2001 when he came back to Gujarat to lead the state. He said “I was living in Delhi when I found out. Before taking the oath, I went straight to see her in Ahmedabad, where she lives with my brother. By then she had already found out that I had become the CM, but to be honest I don’t think she knew what the post was about. When I reached, the atmosphere was festive and celebrations had begun. But my mother just looked at me, hugged me and said, ‘The best thing is that you will be back in Gujarat now!’ — such is a mother’s nature, that no matter what’s going on around her, she wants to be close to her children”.

Hansika Raj