PM Narendra Modi was away from social media for 3 days and it speaks a lot – read to know how !

Among all the global leaders, Narendra Modi is one of the most active on the social media. He shares the information about every single detail of the meetings held, policies, achievements, wishes and crucial developments going around. On an average, he tweets more than 10-15 times a day, an effective way to connect to the countrymen and apprise the citizens of all the information. After the deadly attack on army headquarters in Uri where 18 soldiers attained martyrdom, Shri Narendra Modi tweeted where he “assured” that the perpetrators will be brought to justice. After that, he didn’t tweet for almost 3 days – something which is immensely rare and unprecedented for someone like PM Modi who has been extremely active on social media since many years.

So, what all happened in the last 3 days while Shri Narendra Modi isolated himself from social media ?

First of all, Narendra Modi was chairing various high level meetings one after another, with the Home Minister, NSA Ajit Doval, Defense Minister, IB chief, RAW Chief and concerned officials of the military. He also talked to various head of the states, with aim to diplomatically isolate Pakistan. Some of the developments in these 3 days :

1. Russia supposedly has put its arms deal with Pakistan on hold, and has cancelled the joint army exercise which was to be held in POK. Though confusions over the exercise being completely cancelled still prevail, a big moral victory for India is that Russia has accepted Indian sensitivity and Kashmir’s status as being a part of India, and hence will not carry out exercise in the PoK region.

2. Bangladesh assured backing India even if military action was planned – something which is a big boost to the growing Indo-Bangladesh ties and the support India is receiving from Bangladesh, which is also affected by ISI-sponsored local terrorism and is fighting terrorism with all seriousness (unlike Pakistan).

3. The president of Afghanistan called Shri Narendra Modi and assured India of all types of help to fight Pakistan sponsored terrorism which has affected Afghanistan terribly in last few decades. The Afghan President promised unconditional support in dealing with ‘hostile neighbours’

4. Afghanistan and Bangladesh have extended “all kinds of support” which includes boycotting SAARC.

5. Obama canceled his meeting with Nawaz Shareef which was to be held on the sidelines of Nawaz’s visit to the USA for UNGA. During the meeting with US secretary of state, Nawaz was strongly asked to cut down on nuclear warfare and put a complete end to terrorism originating from its soil.

6. France offered its “unconditional” support to India in fighting terrorism by any means. German Foreign Minister Steinmeier issued an official statement and assured Germany’s support to India in its war against terrorism.

7. ELEVEN terrorists were gunned down by Indian Army after engaging them in a fierce gunbattle. As expected, Pakistan Army were providing cover fire to the terrorists, thereby helping them to infiltrate but Indian Army gave a befitting reply to them.

8. US Congress introduced a bill to declare Pakistan a “Terrorist Nation”. Although it remains to be seen if the bill finally gets passed by the US Congress or not, but introduction of such a bill and discussion in itself is very significant.

9. If various sources are to be believed, the elite Para special forces of Indian Army crossed LoC and entered the Pak occupied Kashmir yesterday night and attacked a terrorist camp where 20 terrorists were reportedly killed. Since covert operations where army crosses the line of control are not publicly accepted by the Governments, there will not be any confirmation of this news from the officials, but sources close to the army and senior defence journalists have confirmed the news.

Someone like Narendra Modiwho used to convey every single development by his numerous tweets in a day was silent for 3 days. No tweet. No correspondence. No statement either from him or the PMO. Even today, he just tweeted once and that’s it. The love and dedication that he has for the nation, it doesn’t take an extraordinary mind to figure that the Uri attack has pained and anguished him much more than any of us. Those who are calling for an all-out offense and a proper war sitting in front of their laptops in an air-conditioned rooms must remember that India and Pakistan are the 3rd and the 6th largest military powers in the world – both of them nuclear powers. Calling a war is not akin to playing a mobile game. Prime Minister Modi, and NSA Shri Doval are much more experienced hawks who have long-term plans and tricks to deal with rogue nation. At times, all we need is trust and some patience. A long-term, permanent solution is reached only by systematic and intelligent approach, not by mercurial hot-headedness. Keep calm and trust the pair of Modi-Doval. They are the Masters. And these developments are indicative of the fact that they are at work. A steady, permanent solution even if time taking, is much better than an impulsive knee-jerk reaction.

Kshitij Mohan