PM Narendra Modi Wins Time Magazine’s Readers Poll – Person Of The Year

Top economists and politicians from around the globe recently appreciated Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his demonetization move to curb black money. Now, PM is once again in the limelight as he has won online reader’s poll-Time Person of the Year. He managed to win people’s heart even when he competed against politicians, artists, and leaders from around the world.

It’s clear that Time’s readers select the name of the person when it comes to online reader’s poll. On the other hand, ‘Person of Year’ profile is selected by the magazine’s editor.

As far as votes secured by popular names are concerned, Hillary Clinton won 4 %, the US President-elect Donald Trump won 7%, so did Julian Assange and Barack Obama. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg just managed to win 2%.

Leaving everyone behind in this race, PM Modi won whooping 18% of votes. Libtards may find this surprising but anyone who follows world news and events won’t be amazed. India’s Prime Minister has taken a considerable number of steps to change nation’s image around the world. Leaders from almost all countries welcome him with open arms.

Improving country’s GDP, dealing with corruption, bringing social changes, improving the life of poor, or working towards financial inclusion, India’s PM works tirelessly to change the situation. Unfortunately, national and international media houses controlled by leftist and libtard journalists are often involved in defaming him. But these presstitutes cannot stand in front of the results for surveys conducted honestly.

According to the poll conducted by Time Magazine, PM’s approval ratings were very high even before demonetization move. Thus, it won’t be wrong to claim that he may win more votes if Time conducts its poll this month because people in India are happy with PM’s step against black money holders in spite of problems that they face while withdrawing their money.

Details released by Time suggest that India’s Prime Minister received positive votes not just from India, but also from American states like New Jersey and California.

The online poll was conducted in association with IBM’s Watson and Opentopic. As the results are completely based on what internet users feel, Time’s Editors were probably not able to interfere, like they can do while selecting ‘Person of Year.’ December 7 is the date when Time Magazine will declare its- Person of Year. Hope PM earns that title as well this year.

Guess what? It is burnol time for leaders from opposition parties!


Nitten Gokhaley