The police went tizzy when they found 32,750 kilos explosives in 655 bags!

Yes, the police went into a state of shock when they discovered massive amount of explosive being carried in trucks in 655 bags.

This incident happened couple days back in Mohammed Bazaar area of the Birbhum in the state of West Bengal when the police stopped two trucks which were suspected to be carrying illegal materials. The police stopped the first 10-wheeler truck in Rampur village on National Highway 60 early morning when they were shocked to see 350 bags which were carrying Ammonium Nitrate. The truck was headed towards Salbadra.

The second truck was stopped in the Panchami area the same day which was again carrying 305 bags of Ammonium Nitrate. The second truck was being unloaded in godown at Talbandh village.

The police and the investigative agencies immediately registered a case against the people carrying the loads and started enquiry. The reports told that the total amount of explosives seized was 32,750 kgs which was massive. The police said that the initial reports suggested that they were illegally transported from a factory in Maharashtra or Hyderabad to be supplied in West Bengal. The police suspected that the Ammoniun Nitrate was being supplied to illegal mafia for the manufacture of crude bombs which may also have terror links.

“The owners of the vehicles have been traced and teams have rushed to several places to carry out a probe. We hope to arrest all of those involved in this illegal smuggling of explosives. We are also trying to confirm whether the material is actually ammonium nitrate. Though this chemical is used in stone quarries here, we are not ruling out other possibilities. The quantity of material seized is a matter of concern,” said N Sudheer Kumar, SP, Birbhum.

The police also said that there are chances that explosives may be brought to supply to naxal affected areas in Jharkhand as Birbhum shares a 38km boundary with Jharkhand. Birbhum is also next to the Burdwan district where a Jamaatul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) module was involved in preparing explosives using Ammonium Nitrate in 2014. Many times before the same chemical was supplied illegally across border to Bangladesh where terror outfits were very active in the area.

This is a matter of great concern since the state of West Bengal is slowly turning out to be a terrorists paradise. Mamata Banerjee who has given free run to many anti social elements just to appease her vote banks has now become a grave threat to the National security.

Aishwarya S