When police went on tracing the killers of  Gauri Lankesh, they found that  a popular journalist had given supari to eliminate another budding journalist

es, the supari was given by senior journalist Ravi Belegere to eliminate Sunil Heggaravalli

Looking at the way the investigation is heading, the killers of Gauri Lankesh would never be traced. But when the probe was intensified, the police have found that another top journalist who has written several books and runs his tabloid has given supari to eliminate another journalist.

Yes, the supari was given by senior journalist Ravi Belegere to eliminate Sunil Heggaravalli. This shocking revelation has been made by the sharpshooters when the Special Investigation Team (SIT) intensified their probe. The Karnataka police have arrested the senior journalist Ravi Belegere and are further investigation. Sunil Heggaravalli has expressed shock over this matter.

Ravi Belagere is a writer and journalist based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. He is the editor of Kannada language tabloid Hi Bangalore.

Why did he want to kill his colleague?

The murder conspiracy was plotted a month back by Ravi Belegere and he had given the contract to supari killers. The killer’s attempt was foiled as they fleed from the spot during their first attempt to kill Sunil as CCTV’s were installed at Sunil’s house.

Ravi Belagere’s life full of conspiracy!!!

  • Last month, the Karnataka Legislative Assembly has directed Home department of Karnataka to arrest Ravi Belagere to sentence journalist Ravi Belagere to one-year jail term and Rs 10,000 fine for breach of privilege.
  • In December 2010, Ravi Belaagere wrote a derogatory remarks on popular young kannada journalist Pratap Simha in his weekly Hai Bangalore.
  • This man was even running a show named ‘Crime Diary’ and it was alleged that he used this show to make money by threatening popular figures.

Sources said sleuths from Central Crime Branch got leads on the case while interrogating Tahir Hussain, an illegal gun runner whom they arrested recently from Bengaluru. Sources said he gave leads that Shashidhar, a ‘supari’ killer from Vijayapura district, a hotbed of illegal gun running and ‘supari’ killers, had got a hit job from a journalist from Bengaluru, reported The Hindu.

Hansika Raj