Why those political parties who accused of EVM tampering not ready to take Election Commission’s challenge?

If you repeat a lie enough, people think it’s true

This sentence is very well followed by a basket of Indian political parties to carry out their agenda when required. This basket includes several parties like a party which claims it’s as a pioneer in giving India its freedom from the British. But it’s always seen in doing activities which will degrade the morale of Indian Army and its citizens. Another party which promised the Delhi citizens of giving better governance but after coming to power it only gave entertainment at regular intervals. So to remain in political scenario they play various dramas and the most recent one was of doubting the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM). So let us see what they said.

“Doubts on integrity of electoral process should be erased” says Congress. Congress even went ahead and submitted a memorandum to president of India Mr Pranab Mukherjee.

Arvind Kejriwal from AAP said that EVM were tampered during Punjab polls. AAP even gave a demonstration of hacking an EVM.



So by looking at these developments even our citizens were forced to believe that there is something wrong going on in recent polls. These doubts may be fatal to a democratic country like India. So the election commission went ahead and organized an EVM hacking challenge on 3rd of June. Those parties who wish to participate can apply by 26 May, 5 pm. We may think that all these complaining political parties are eagerly getting registered for this challenge. But it is shocking to see that no political parties have registered till date.

So what does this indicate? Shall we assume that these parties were involved in the dirty game of deviating the people from the mandate obtained by BJP or shall we assume that these parties doesn’t have any good hackers?

Results are not yet out. Let’s wait till 3RD of June and trust in Indian Election Commission.

Rajat Bhandary