Political propaganda taking over international harmony? Israel decides to step out of UNESCO owing to its political inclination!

International monitoring bodies have since long administered transnational affairs with supreme power. Although it stands as a fact that the bodies are primarily administered by developed countries, and the rest of the world has mostly struggled for a say. Starting from the post independence time in India, there have been numerous instances where the UNO and other international monitoring bodies have inclined themselves towards the developed countries. And now it is not just the developing countries, their inclination towards unreasonable execution of supreme power has become evident to countries like USA and Israel, which have chosen to back out from the membership at UNESCO.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation functions by recognising, documenting, preserving and enhancing the educational, scientific and cultural aspects of the world. Founded 72 years ago by an amalgamation of prominent countries of the world including India, this international monitoring body has been facing a number of accusations lately regarding its inclinations towards certain set of countries. In the course of the same, it has ended up offending a handful of nations out of which USA and Israel have made the bold move of stepping out of UNESCO.

It was proposed that Jerusalem be declared as the capital city of Israel, an argument backed up by the USA through President Donald Trump and history based facts. Israel and Jerusalem share an intense history rooted in Jewish religion as well as the past, as believed and stated by Israeli authorities. However, the proposal was rejected by the UNESCO, and USA and Israel have chosen to quit the body owing to its ‘anti Israeli’ policy.

When USA made it public that it is quitting UNESCO in October, Israel called it a brave and ethically correct decision. And not letting USA take this step in isolation, Israel too has joined the decision. The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has instructed his Foreign Affairs Ministry to accomplish the necessary proceedings, and according to the prototype of UNESCO, both USA and Israel shall quit UNESCO during December 2018.

The controversy was incepted by UNESCO’s move where it marked the Cave of the Patriarchs and Hebron’s Old City as endangered Palestinian sites. The age old connect between Jerusalem and Israel have been denied by the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO, which according to Benjamin Netanyahu is not just unreasonable inclination of UNESCO towards Palestinian propaganda; but also clear refutation of historic facts. This is evidence for the world that even international monitoring bodies have set to prioritizing political propaganda over obvious facts.

It is Palestine that has been commending the moves of UNESCO that mark Hebron as its own world heritage site, as well as denial of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Palestine and Israel share an age old political rivalry owing to the same religious issue, wherein Jewish immigrants who now rightfully hold Israel, and Arabs began arguing over their hold of lands.

Till date, Palestine argues that Israel expands hostile control over Jerusalem, and has welcomed UNESCO’s decision with open arms. Israel is the only Jewish country in the world, and whatever historic connect it has with its grounds are purely Jewish and authentically belonging to Israel. While Palestinians are attempting to claim the land as their own without much authentic source; here come UNESCO to their rescue with God knows what source.

However, the rest of the world (except countries driven by political agenda) do not accept the decision, and find the move by USA and Israel reasonable. Israel has stated that should UNESCO make an attempt to reconsider its decision and make amendments, it might as well be willing to take its decision back.

We can wait and watch what steps shall follow the decision. We hope UNESCO stays true to its international duties and acts without inclination towards political propaganda. So far, India has been treated well by the body and it is not a pleasant factor when a dear friend of the country, Israel, has to face a crisis from UNESCO. All India can hope for is to not be sandwiched between the two.

Source: https://www.rt.com/news/414038-israel-withdraw-unesco-jerusalem/




Trisha Jay