The Political Sex Scandal that Prevented Jagjivan Ram from Becoming India’s First Dalit Prime Minister  

This sex scandal rocked the political circles of the country around 4 decades ago and destroyed the ambition of a man of becoming the prime minister. The scandal involved Jagjivan Ram’s son Suresh Ram.

In 1977, Indira Gandhi lost an election amidst a wave of support in favor of the Janata Party. Jagjivan Ram was the most popular candidate to become India’s next prime minister. However, his dream was shattered when his son was caught in a sex scandal.

In 1978, a magazine named ‘Surya’ which had Maneka Gandhi at the helm, published pictures of Suresh Ram in a ‘compromising position’ with a young woman from Baghpat. The time at which this scandal broke out, Jagjivan Ram was the defence minister in the Monarji Desai government.

The young girl who was involved in the scandal was from the Satyawati College. Suresh Ram even went on to marry the girl, but when he passed away, Jagjivan Ram’s family ostracized her.

It is said that the breaking out of this scandal was a plot to ruin Jagjivan Ram’s political career and some politicians from his own political party were behind it.

It’s been 4 decades since that event, and ironically, Maneka Gandhi finds herself in the same situation today. Same allegations were made against Varun Gandhi. Both Maneka and Varun claim that the allegations are false.

Photographs where Varun Gandhi was caught in compromising positions and blackmailed for defence secrets were released. The BJP however, did not intervene in the issue.

These allegations on Varun Gandhi were made at a point in this career which was eerily similar to that of Jagjivan Ram. While Jagjivan Ram was touted to be the next prime minister, Varun Gandhi was in the running to be the next chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. But this scandal ruined that dream of his.

It seems as if ‘bad karma’ has caught up to Maneka Gandhi as what she did to a senior politician once, is what’s happened to her on son. The pictures may be doctored, but the damage inflicted on Varun Gandhi’s career is very real.

Vinayak Jain