This Politician from Maharashtra and “MAGICIAN FARMER” Makes 60 Crores Without Doing Any Work!!

 M S Swaminathan, the world famous agriculture scientist brought green revolution in India. He introduced ‘high yielding variety’ seeds which showed tremendous increase in the agricultural yield and farm income. But, if I get an opportunity to meet him, then, with all due respect, I would suggest him to visit this revolutionary farmer in Maharashtra who has achieved a bumper profit by farming within few years of time. To be precise, she has earned around 61 crores of rupees in just five years! Most interesting thing is that this huge money has been earned through 9 acres of land! Another unique thing about this farmer is she does lot of other works too apart from farming, like social service and represents the people of her constituency in the Indian Parliament. Don’t know if she learnt the farming techniques from her father, who is a former Union Minister of Agriculture.

 Maharashtra is a State which has seen large number of farmer suicides. The farmers of the state have often been facing unexpected hailstorm, rainfall, drought in different geographical parts. The whole India suffered with successive droughts and especially the Baramati area, which is the constituency of this great farmer, had no water to cultivate crops. In 2014, the options of crops of the farmers of the area were restricted to onion, jowar, bajra and soyabean. Only 5% of the farming in the whole region was under irrigation. In 2012 also, only one – third of the 1.23 lakh hectares of agricultural land in Baramati was irrigated.

Despite these many hardships, this farmer has raised her income from Rs. 52 crores to Rs. 113.87 crores in the span of five years, from 2009 to 2014. Some say, even if one grows opium or other narcotic crops too, which fetches huge amount of money, she would not be able to earn so much money in just 9 acres of land! Then how it has happened for her? Is it any magic that she has done on the agricultural field? I will explain it now.

Supriya Sule, the Member of Parliament from Baramati has been succeeding her father Sharad Pawar in the constituency, is this magician farmer who has earned 61 crores of rupees from just 9 acres of land.


Sharad Pawar represented this constituency from 1991 to 2009 and then it is Supriya’s turn to exploit the region. Irrespective of how the real farmers are facing hardship, this pseudo farmer has been doubling her assets and growing exponentially. Even if someone argues that her share in this total sum of money is just 33.87 crores and her husband Sadanand Sule’s share is 77.20 crores, still there is a doubling of her income in last five years. She had Rs. 15.79 crore as her share out of the total asset of Rs. 52 crore. If a farmer can really earn this much, that too in a drought hit region, then is it not a lesson to be learnt for all other farmers?

Supriya Sule calls herself as a farmer just to create some sympathy for herself. It may also be a tool to evade some tax as there is no tax on agricultural income yet. Well played, Ms. Supriya Sule ji!!!! You should teach all the farmers how to make money! Probably you should become the brand ambassador for Central government’s scheme of ‘doubling the farmer’s income’. Because you know it best. The country has seen how the Agriculture minister played with the life of the farmers! Enough madam! Now the country is not ready to see another innings by the same family!

Akshara Damle

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