Do Indian Politicians ever commit suicide?

“Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts…perhaps the fear of a loss of power.” Have you ever wondered why we don’t get to hear or read about any politician’s suicide? There are times. And there are tougher times. And then there are the toughest times. But, they exist only for the common man. With politicians there are scams. There are bigger scams. And there are the biggest scams.

Kalikho Pul committed suicide in 2015. 1,35,000 Indians around the world decide to give up & end their lives every year. Kalikho Pul was one amongst them. That’s not strange. But, the fact that Pul was a politician is hard to believe. Pul was said to be honest & passed away while he was the CM of Arunachal Pradesh. Honest Politicians do exist. Our Prime Minister is probably the best example. Did Pul pay the price for being honest?

Kalikho Pul’s suicide note contains the names of four of the highest authorities in India’s legal fraternity who took & demanded bribes from the late Pul.  It also contains the name of senior politicians of a particular party who also sought illegal financial gratification from the late chief minister.  Sometimes, it hurts to be honest. I remember reading a book where in the author went on to say that corruption is also a fight against ourselves.

Are we inherently corrupt? Or do we choose to be? Every time we raise questions & forget. Some of the credible news anchors can also be seen asking valid questions. Ultimately, it’s the number game. The more questions you ask, the more are the chances of losing your job. Corruption exists all over the world. It might sound boring, but even copying is a form of corruption.

Sometimes the fight is against us. Some people say that it’s a competitive world out there. Everyone wants to win. But is it necessary to sell your nation to just get ahead in life. Many people used to believe that politics in India was the last resort for scoundrels, until PM Modi changed the perception.

But a majority of the political class can still not be trusted. They don’t even think of committing suicide because they get everything in life. They get their bills paid, they get a decent salary, their children get a foreign education, and most importantly they mint money. The common man thinks of leaving planet earth only when he’s had enough with life. Disgusted with himself & the system, he decides to go. (But, remember the system can be blamed but not held responsible unless it is Namo’s government)

The common causes for suicide are depression, financial problems, physical abuse, sexual abuse etc. The corrupt breeds of politicians face none of these. The problems encountered by the common man are never experienced by the political class. When you don’t face problems you never want to die. This is the motto of a large chunk of our political population. Even politics is a strange game.

There are no permanent friends and enemies in politics. So why would one need to die. If you win, celebrate. If you lose, compromise on your ‘ideals’ or team up with your enemies and enjoy power at the opposition. It’s a tricky life, but they keep their options wide open. There are a few exceptions to everything. But, you know the people I’m talking about.

Death should not be taken lightly & the common man surely doesn’t deserve to die. Let’s keep one thing in mind; the most shameless people are also the most successful.

PS: This article applies only to the corrupt breed of politicians.

Alok Shetty