Politics Of Greed!!! When Goa CM Manohar Parrikar is admitted in hospital, Congress is conspiring to topple the BJP Govt

What to say about the Congress party which can stoop to any low for their political advantages. For them only one thing is important i.e. power. The power hungry people on hearing that Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parikkar urged BJP President Amit Shah to appoint a new CM in the state, owing to his health condition soon jumped in to take the political advantage and turn the tide in their favour.

A delegation of 14 MLAs of Goa Pradesh Congress Committee reached Raj Bhavan and submitted two memorandums, urging Governor Mridul Sinha not to dissolve the assembly and to give them the opportunity to prove majority in the 40-member assembly.

The Congress Government alleged that the present Government is not functioning properly under the leadership of CM Manohar Parikkar so their party, which is the single largest party with 17 seats after the 2017 elections in the state, should be given a fair chance to form the Government in the state. The party also alleged that it is possible ploy by BJP to impose the President’s Rule in Goa and cautioned Governor Mridula Sinha about no such request will be entertained

Although the Congress party MLAs were not able to have a meeting with Governor, Governor being out of town they have forwarded their request to the personal secretary of the Governor at the Raj Bhavan and will meet him once he will be back

“We are the single largest party and we should have been given the chance earlier. Infact we have been robbed of  the mandate that the people of Goa gave us See how the government is functioning today. Government hote huye bhi na ke barabar hai (despite the government being there it is equal to having no government). We have numbers so we are staking the claim. Governor will be here tomorrow. We’ll request her for it,” said Congress Legislature Party leader Babu Kavelkar

After the 2017 elections held in state, Congress won 16 seats while BJP won 13 seats and was successful in forming the Government after getting into an alliance with the support from MGP, Goa Front party, NCP and Independents.

To prove majority on the floor of house Congress needs support of five more members. Although sources within the party has claimed that they have enough numbers to form the Government, they have support of other MLAs and are waiting for the Governor to come back and provide them a chance the ruling party has hit them by calling all this baseless.

The BJP unit of Goa had accused the Congress party that by opting to such tactics they are fooling people of the state. The Government is functioning properly and all ministers are capable of handling their own problem. There is no problem and there is no question of any leadership change, CM Manohar Parrikar would continue as the chief minister said Vinay Tendulkar, president of the Goa BJP and a Rajya Sabha MP

Congress party leaves no option to show what they are up to? What can we expect more from the party like Congress which has politicized the health of CM Manohar Parikar and has fired their guns?

Source: Republic World