Postcard EXCLUSIVE: Ravish Kumar tries to target Centre’s Rural Electrification Program- We EXPOSE his propaganda

Senior editor of NDTV, Ravish Kumar, has made a name for himself as the sane voice of Hindi media. However, behind the calm voice and soft demeanour is a calculative agenda-driven personality. A major target of Ravish”™s self-righteousness is the rural electrification programme of the Centre (Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana). On 2nd June 2016, he played a story where NDTV reporters visited various villages in Uttar Pradesh that were mentioned on the GARV app as recently electrified and came back with the familiar horror stories of darkness. Our team too decided to cross check the claims put forth by NDTV. As was expected, NDTV lived up to its past record and came out with a story more hype than truth.

The NDTV team mentioned a village called Rajkheda in District Lucknow, which was allegedly declared electrified in the GARV app. No such village exists on the app. Indeed it is not even a village but a habitation of a particular village called Mau. The remaining portions of the village are electrified except this locality. Strangely, NDTV fails to question how the State Government omitted this village.

The NDTV report claimed that several villages already had electricity from early days and that “just a few transformers and poles were added”. They mentioned another village Ranwan (Kannauj district) where apparently electricity had reached. What they failed to mention was that only 1 habitation of 5 had electricity and the remaining were in darkness. The remaining have been connected now. Another village Bachal Bhoor (Moradabad district) had only 4 of 11 habitations electrified. Similarly in Mahtosh (Rampur district) 1 of the 3 habitations had been excluded from the basic necessity of electricity. In Ahmedabad (Rampur district), one habitation of two was still in darkness. Another village, Anwaria Talilabad (Rampur district) did not have feeders for household connections. In Meeranagar (Barabanki district) too infrastructure had been created.  These details with photos etc. are shared on the link here (https://bit.ly/2bu2Fg1)

Obviously, NDTV must come out of its ignorance. A village comprises many habitations (majras, tolas etc). This does not make each of them a village in themselves. Is it NDTV”™s case that certain portions of villages should be unelectrified? Behind the put-on sensitivity of Ravish Kumar is a man out to play political games. The Modi Government has created the infrastructure to ensure 100% electrification, something he cannot digest.

Ravish Kumar, who claims to be a great fan of BR  Ambedkar (https://khabar.ndtv.com/news/blogs/ravish-kumar-why-no-media-coverage-of-dr-br-ambedkar-birth-anniversary-754896 ), clearly has not studied the Indian Constitution. “Power” is a Concurrent subject and its administration is shared between the Centre and the State. This structure has evolved into a mechanism where the Centre generates electricity and transmits it to the State borders, from where the State must ensure its distribution to various consumers. Therefore, clearly the State is responsible for providing power to villages and individual households.

Yet strangely, in the entire 13-minute video, Shri Ravish Kumar fails to question the Akhilesh Yadav government even once on the lack of electricity to these villages. When NDTV quotes people saying that electricity is still not being provided or that it comes intermittently, he should have immediately shone the spotlight on the ruling Samajwadi Party government. But selective targeting is a special attribute of being the “conscience keeper” of the media.

Ravish Kumar had blacked out his screen once claiming his silence would speak more eloquently. His silence on the Samajwadi Party government speaks volumes too.

Postcard Team