Postcard Exit Polls! BJP will successfully win in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh assembly elections

The Congress and their allies have started celebrating just because the exit polls have predicted that under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, the Congress party will emerge victorious in all the Hindi heartland states of India – Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

But the exit poll of Postcard News–which was 100 percent accurate in the previous instances–might spoil the happiness of the Congress workers. To carry out the exit poll, Team Postcard had contacted 21000 respondents in Rajasthan, 23000 in Madhya Pradesh and 11500 in Chhattisgarh.


Even though the counting will take place in 5 states, all eyes are set on Rajasthan. That’s because the Congress party is deemed to have the highest chance of winning in this state. Due to various reasons like anti-incumbency and hate towards Vasundhara Raje, the Congress party is highly hopeful and not because the voters are impressed by the Congress party and its leadership.

After contacting a sample size of 21,000, here is the exit poll of Team Postcard on Rajasthan:

BJP 100-105
Congress 82-87
Others 4-10
Total 200

Astonished? Yes, BJP will cross the majority mark and that’s because the entire equation in Rajasthan was toppled in the last 3 weeks of campaigning. The in-fights within the Congress party intensified after they failed to distribute tickets smartly.

Due to this, several Congress veterans came out of the party and decided to contest on their own. Even the BSP will dent the vote share of the Congress party.

Meanwhile the BJP succeeded in diverting the people’s attention from Raje to PM Modi. Due to all these, BJP will succeed in winning the Rajasthan assembly elections.

Madhya Pradesh:

In the state of Madhya Pradesh where the CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan is popularly called as “Mama”, it is not an easy task for the Congress party. But what was in the favour of Congress party was the anti-incumbency wave as the state was ruled by BJP since last 15 years.

After contacting a sample size of 23,000, here is the exit poll of Team Postcard on Madhya Pradesh:

BJP 129-134
Congress 87-95
Others 6-15
Total 230

The BJP will just cross the majority in the state and its not because the voters hate their CM. Its a normal tendency that after a certain period, people tend to change the government. The same is the case in Madhya Pradesh. Here they won’t change the government but will reduce the seats.

Other than this, the people are immensely satisfied with PM Modi and CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan. Another factor that worked for BJP was that the Congress announced that it will cut the wings of RSS if it comes to power. This enraged the RSS karyakarthas who have a solid ground presence.

Due to all these factors, BJP will emerge victorious in Madhya Pradesh.


Even in this state, the BJP under the CM Dr Raman Singh is ruling since last 15 years. What was the biggest success of Dr Raman Singh was that he succeeded in reducing the naxalism in the state.

After contacting a sample size of 11,500, here is the exit poll of Team Postcard on Chhattisgarh:

BJP 48-53
Congress 30-35
Others 3-7
Total 90

BJP will manage to win even in Chhattisgarh and that’s because the people in the state are neither angry with their CM nor the PM. Moreover, the Congress party doesn’t have a strong leader in the state.

To add to the woes, the BSP supremo Mayawati and former Chhattisgarh CM Ajit Jogi’s alliance has taken the situation for the Congress party from worse to pathetic.

So the verdict is that BJP will win and retain Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

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Hansika Raj