Postcard News is the only one to predict the Gujarat election results accurately!!!

When all the mainstream media were predicting that BJP will win around 130 seats, it was Postcard News that said BJP with be securing seats between 98-105. Well, the results are out, everyone is stunned.

Times Now-VMR survey, ABP-CDS, Today’s Chanakya, Jan Ki Baat, Nirman TV, Sahara Samay, C-Voter, India Today-Axis survey and many more exit polls got their predictions entirely wrong. The survey done by “Postcard News” was outsourced and finally, the hard work and accurate calculations have created an everlasting impact in the minds of the people.

Have a look at the predictions of “Postcard” that was posted on December 14th.

Party Seats
BJP 98-105
Congress 60-65
Others 10-15
Total 182
  • “Postcard”, said BJP would gain votes between 98-105 and as we said, BJP got 99 seats.
  • Mainstream media had said BJP would win due to PM Modi’s charisma. But they were wrong as the ground reality was completely wrong.
  • However, as others performed terribly, Congress increased its seat count to 77 seats.
  • Gujaratis missed PM Modi’s style of leadership whereas the state leaders failed to market their developmental schemes.
  • State leaders of Gujarat even failed to suppress the lies of Hardik Patel, Jignesh Mewani and Alpesh Thakore.

Below we present an excerpt of certain points mentioned in our exit poll. Do read!!!

“What is the ground reality? Why has Postcard News given BJP fewer seats when compared to surveys of mainstream media?

The only reason why Team Postcard has given fewer seats for BJP is that when we interacted with 85000 respondents, they revealed certain facts that were against the BJP.  We have presented them below!!!

  • The main reason for BJP’s setback is PM Modi is no more a Gujarat CM. No doubt that Gujarat is clearly controlled by BJP but after the exit of PM Modi in 2014, Gujaratis are missing Narendra Modi.
  • Anandi Ben couldn’t manage the state as a Chief Minister. PM Modi had earlier set high standards due to his reforms but Anandi Ben couldn’t overtake or even match the dynamic working style of PM Modi.
  • Patidar agitation has made a dent in BJP vote base. People confessed that they are hurt due to BJP’s way of handling Patidar community.
  • Demonetisation and GST also had its effect on BJP’s vote share. Yes, most numbers of traders are from Gujarat, especially from Surat. When interacted, several traders revealed that their business has faced a slow down due the weak implementation of GST. We cannot deny the fact that this will benefit the Congress party.
  • Another prominent factor is that this is a two-way battle i.e. only BJP and Congress are the major powers. So there are no chances of votes getting shared between 3-4 smaller parties like it happened in Uttar Pradesh where BJP benefitted from BSP, SP, AIMIM and many more small parties.”

We had even predicted that Congress will win more seats when compared to 2012!!!

Congress is confident of gaining more seats, do you know why?

  • Congress loves to create blunders but we need to understand why Congress has appointed Rahul Gandhi as a Party president in a hurry. Is the party so dumb that they would gift Rahul Gandhi with a defeat after ascending the throne as Congress president? Definitely no.
  • Congress is 100 percent sure that they are going to gain in Gujarat. If Congress party gets even a single seat more than the 2012 election, then it will be projected as the victory of Rahul Gandhi. That’s why Congress has pushed Rahul Gandhi into the battlefield months ahead of the election.

Have a look at various exit polls that were announced on the evening of December 14th.

Channels BJP Congress Others
Times Now Online-CVoter 109 70 03
Republic TV 108 74 00
CNN IBN 109 70 03
India Today 99-113 68-82 1-4
India News 110-120 65-75 02-04
News18 108 74
ABP-CSDS 117 64 01

Even ‘India Today’ said BJP would win below 100 seats but look at their margin. While Postcard’s margin was just 7 seats (98-105 seats), India Today’s margin was 14 seats (99-113 seats). This proves that ‘India Today’ was playing on the safer side.

Accurate exit poll from Postcard News!!! Congress is gaining in the Gujarat elections but……………

Hansika Raj


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