Postcard News survey on Karnataka Election is out! There is a shocker to each and every political party

In Gujarat elections, Postcard News was the only one to predict the results accurately. Now, Postcard News is ready with its survey on the Karnataka elections. Few of survey have said that BJP would get around 80 seats whereas few other surveys have said BJP might touch the 150 mark.

Postcard News has come up with this survey after contacting 63,000 people across the state of Karnataka, just like the Gujarat elections. The Karnataka election survey has a pinch of disappoint to the BJP supporters and its leaders.

BJP would emerge as the single largest party in Karnataka securing between 104 to 109!

Party Seats
BJP 104-109
Congress 80-85
JD (S) 32-37
Others 02-05
Total 222

BJP is all set to govern the state as it might get seats between 104 to 109. Whereas the Congress party might end up getting 80-85 seats. The regional party of former PM Mr Devegowda, JD (S), might secure anywhere between 32 to 37 seats and others might get 02 to 05 seats.

So, there are high chances that no party will cross the majority mark of 113 seats but BJP will be in the drivers seats by securing more than 100 seats.

What were the factors that went against the Congress party?

  • The anti-Hindu governance, dividing Hindus by separating the Lingayats and Veerashaivas from Hinduism were the prominent factors that backfired against the Congress.
  • BJP targeted the chief minister Siddaramaiah and tasted success. Until the last 4 days of elections, the BJP never ran short of issues to attack Mr Siddaramaiah.
  • Almost every minister in the Siddaramaiah government’s cabinet was tainted.

Why will the BJP not sweep the state?

  • Almost a year back, BJP had held state wide protest rallies to expose the anarchy of the Siddaramaiah government. During the rally, BJP leaders had taken a vote to cross the 150+ seat mark in Karnataka. But it will not be achieved for various reasons.
  • The main reason is that BJP had failed during allotting the tickets. There were cries that the lobbies had worked and deserving candidates denied tickets. Due to this, the aspirants who weren’t given tickets either joined others parties or stood as individual candidates. This played a crucial role in around 20 constituencies.
  • BJP was heavily depended on central leaders. The rallies done by PM Modi, Amit Shah, Yogi Adityanath were the much needed or else BJP wouldn’t even have had crossed the 100 seat mark. To be precise, the BJP lacked strong local leaders.

Will the BJP join hands with the JDS?

  • In case if BJP secures less than 100 seats than BJP will need the support of JD (S).
  • But the thing is BJP would have to agree to the demands of the JD (S). The regional party JD (S) is most likely to ask the CM post from BJP.
  • That’s when BJP will lack a free hand. But BJP has already announced Mr BS Yeddyruappa as its chief ministerial candidate and this is where the problem is created.

Is the Congress- JD (S) collation possible?

  • To some extent, this is not possible. But if Mr Siddaramaiah is removed from the chief millstream race, than Mr Devegowda might join hands with the Congress.
  • Either HD Kumaraswamy might be the CM or else the Mr Parameshwar might be the CM. Who knows, even former central leader Mallikarjuna Kharge might be the CM candidate.

Hansika Raj