Poster boy of seculars and liberals caught spreading fake news to malign Hinduism!!! Do you know what he did?

Sharing fake news to tarnish Hinduism and Modi government has been a routine to few of the popular figures. These are so obsessed with fake news that even after it is busted, they are not ready to dump their attachment with fake news.

The recent addition to this gang of fakers is Bobby Ghosh, the Editor-in-Chief of Hindustan Times. This man had tendered his resignation weeks ago as he will return to New York for personal reasons.

On his twitter handle, Bobby Ghosh shared a tweet which had the message that Dalits are protesting against the violence against them. Hilariously, the investigation proved that such kind of attacks never took place. So this editor-in-chief of a reputed newspaper was caught spreading fake news with intentions to tarnish the image of Hinduism and Gujarat state.


“I was not attacked by anybody. I inflicted the injury myself with the help of friends just like that”.

These were the words of the minor boy who had earlier claimed that he was attacked. This 17 year old boy had earlier said that he was attacked with a blade in Limbodara village on October 3 for sporting a moustache.

This bluff was completely exposed when the Gandhinagar forensic team revealed that there was no blade found at the spot nor any traces of attackers or vehicles. This statement was further strengthened when the local pan shop owner confirmed that he too didn’t witness such crime in the mentioned spot.

“We also questioned his two friends and their parents who said they slashed their friend’s back on his insistence”. These were the words of Gandhinagar superintendent of police Virendra Singh.

A total of three incidents of attacks on Dalits had taken place and out of this, one proved to be 24-karat fake incident. Presently, Police are also probing the other two alleged attacks in Dalits.

Irony is that under Bobby Ghosh’s leadership, the ‘Hindustan Times’ had introduced the ‘Hate tracker’. They claimed that it took months of hard work for the execution of this project. But in reality, it was another form of attack on Hindus.

Yes, the hate tracker which is said as “a national database on crimes in the name of religion, caste, race” takes keen interest in highlighting the attacks on Muslims and Dalits. As usually, Hindu lives didn’t seem important to this pseudo hate tracker.

Source: http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/attack-that-triggered-moustache-protest-by-gujarat-dalits-was-staged-for-publicity-reveals-probe/story-tvMe5Lq8rAKZyGKbm97vbK.html

Hansika Raj