“Power and Gandhi family”: The secrets that never came out!

After Rahul Gandhi was made  the President of the Congress party, it can be officially called a Dynast Party of the Gandhis. Its the 4th generation of Nehru-Gandhi family which is ruling the Congress party starting from Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and now Rahu Gandhi. Only a sychophant would be able to call such a party democratic.

Since decades, the Gandhi family has literally made sure every other competitor was either sidelined or thrown out of the race hook or crook. This legacy of sidelining efficient leaders or eliminating them from the race is a trick that Gandhi parivar is mastered and continues to do the same. Starting from the time 1945, every efficient leader has been thrown out of the race. History tells how Babu Jagajeevan Ram (Dalit leader), Moraji Desai was sidelined during Indira Gandhi’s era. Similarly how PV Narsimha Rao, Sitaram Kesari were literally thrown out of the race. Sitaram Kesari was locked inside a bathroom by Sonia Gandhi loyalists to make sure he doesn’t contest elections for the Congress President. Although he had the potential and support of many people he was defeated cunningly. The main reason was because of his ideologocal difference with Sonia Gandhi. These can be rather called sober stories, but the breathtaking stories which happened during the period of every Gandhi dynast even today can give you chills.

As previously told since 1945 the Nehru dynasty has been on the front foot to gain power and position. It was Subash Chandra Bose who first gave a tough fight to Nehru in occupying the President post of the Congress and the Prime Minister post. In 1945, it was very clear for the British that their days in India were numbered. It was not because of Gandhi or Nehru’s struggle, but due to Subash Chandra Bose’s mass Azadi movement that had literally scared the British. More than the British, Nehru was worried about Bose as he had the potential and required support from every corner of the country.

But unfortunately just 2 years before Independence he disappeared without a trace. The country never got to know the truth and even today his death remains a mystery. The only person who benefited from his disappearance was Jawaharlal Nehru. But the next choice for PM post was not Nehru but Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who was the most popular candidate in the Congress. But Nehru was very clever to use Gandhji to get his way clear.

Then started the transformation of the Indian National Congress to National Dynast Congress. Nehru obviously wanted to see his daughter to be the Prime Minister and leader of the Congress party. But Lal Bahadur Shashtri became the Prime Minister of India. But just 2 years after he took over as PM, he saw an unfortunate end in Tashkent, Russia. It was declared that he had an heart attack, no post mortem was conducted and all the investigations were fudged up and there was no conclusion to the death. His doctor and personal assistant met with accidents the same day when they were arriving to the court. The mystery never got solved!

Just 3 years after Shastri’s death, the ountry witnessed another death of a great person and emerging leader Deen dayal Upadhyay. He died under mysterious circumstances while he was travelling in a train. Again no investigations were conducted and it was declared he died falling from the train.

Image result for deen dayal upadhyay deathThe death of Sanjay Gandhi also did not get a convincing explaination. After all, Indira Gandhi was also killed just years after her son’s death. Although everybody believes that Indira Gandhi was killed by her sikh bodyguards, the circumstances that happened in her house on the day and the decisions taken by Sonia Gandhi on the way to the hospital puts a lot of questions in ones mind. But ofcourse there is no one who will answer them today!

Surprisingly even though Rajiv Gandhi was the Prime Minister, the investigation reports of Indira Gandhi never got submitted in the Parliament.

Next it was Rajiv Gandhi’s turn, although the security reports told there was serious threat to his life from the LTTE, the Intelligence chief never took the issue seriously….why? Despite many cautions and warning, Rajiv Gandhi was made to visit Sriperumbdur, Tamil Nadu for campaign. On the day of his death, surprisingly none of his close aides were anyway close to him…why? Unfortunately he saw a mysterious death in Sriperumbudur. The same person who was in charge of Intelligence Bureau, who neglected Rajiv Gandhi’s security was later made the National Security advisor on the directions of Sonia Gandhi.

After Rajiv Gandhi’s death, the two emerging leaders who had a great support were none other than MadhavRao Scindia and Rajesh Pilot. One of them even had the chance to become the President of the Congress Party. But just within years, both of them were killed under mysterious circumstances. Again all investigations saw a deadlock and got buried in the dusty racks in HMO.

Even today, the Gandhi family itself is a mystery! Sonia Gandhi has been in India for over 60 years now, does anyone know where does she travel, why does she go to foreign countries? We are only told that she goes for treatment, but does anyone know what is she suffering from, or which hospital is she taking treatment from?

Rahul Gandhi also follows similar protocol. Does he reveal where he goes? why doe he go so frequently abroad? What work does he have? Whom does he meet? ABSOLUTELY NO INFORMTAION. But he calls himself a public figure.

Foreget their personal lives, we do not even know if ‘Rahul Gandhi’ is his real name, what is his education. Many people who have inquired and got documents from the University he studied confirm that his name is not Rahul Gandhi but Raul Vinci and he hasn’t cleared any exam in Cambridge. He carries a dual citizenship of both India and British which is again violation of the Indian Citizenship act. So what exactly is the truth the country knows about Gandhis….the media has always been protecting the Gandhi family from all questions and scrutiny since decades.

Is this the real face of Gandhis, who have hid every information and pretend to be someone else.

Aishwarya S