Power of Indian Diplomacy! Here’s how France stopped PoK President from spreading his anti-India agenda

France is India’s best ally and whenever time has come France has never stepped back and proved it. This time again France stood with India and has given a big blow to Pakistan who was trying hard to malign the image of India at the international stage by spreading its rhetoric and propaganda over Kashmir

The Pakistani mission in Paris was pushing for a meeting of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) President Masood Khan at the National Assembly on September 24. The Pakistani Embassy in Paris wanted to conduct the event where Khan was invited as the Chief Guest and was supposed to address French legislators.

But when India came to knew about the anti-India plans of Pakistan it immediately got into action and launched a diplomatic initiative, where the Indian embassy issued a demarche to the French foreign ministry saying that such an invite will be infringement of India’s sovereignty because the entire region of Jammu and Kashmir including PoK is an integral part of India. The Indian diaspora, too, reached out to the Speaker of the National Assembly through emails and also to MPs on this matter.

And the French Government also paid heed to the matter and immediately debarred the PoK President from taking part in the event, which was then attended by Pakistani envoy Moin-ul-Haq. French lawmakers didn’t take part in the media giving a tight slap to Pakistan propaganda of spreading lies about India and presenting Kashmir issue in a bad light. Only Pakistan’s own embassy staff was present there in the meeting

Back to Back Pakistan has been humiliated on the international stage in the last one month. Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s speech at UNGA was a big disgrace. He delivered a very feeble, desperate and helpless speech at the UNGA where he spoke for 50 minutes and yet found no takers for his Kashmir rhetoric.

US President Donald Trump called out Pakistani reporters and hailed PM Modi’s Howdy Modi event a big rousing success, all in front of Imran Khan. He, in fact, hit out at Pak PM Imran Khan when one of the reporters asked him a question on Kashmir Issue. He said the reporter “ Are you from a team of Imran Khan” that you are repeating the same rhetoric again and again. Not only this, even when the reporter didn’t stopped here and went on further asking him questions he said to Pakistan PM Imran Khan “ From where you bring such reporters”?

French Government barring Pakistan’s is another big embarrassment for Pakistan. It is better for Pakistan to concentrate on itself. Instead of lowering down India and spreading false rheotorics Pakistan should concentrate on its falling economy and take steps to revive it otherwise nothing can save it from the devastation.



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