How powerful is PM Narendra Modi? The story of how Modi broke the backbone of China and forced the United States to listen to India

He risked his political career, he risked his life, but never let down his countrymen. Yes, it is none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Every day, we hear that a new scheme is being launched by his government. Instead of praising, several self proclaimed intellects troll, abuse and oppose him. This gives rise to a question, how powerful is PM Narendra Modi?

Hey terrorists, India is not your farmhouse!!!

Pakistani terrorists had considered India as their farm house until PM Modi became the Prime Minister. But PM Modi broke the back bone of the terrorists by conducting surgical strike. He showed the world that Indian Army is the best in the world but it just needed a better leader.

Chinese, how’s your broken rib?

Decades may pass but the Chinese will never forget the blow given by PM Modi in the Doklam issue. It was a time when the whole world was in a deception that it is impossible to push the Chinese Army back from the illegally occupied territory by them. The Doklam clash continued for more than 60 days but India didn’t even step an inch back. Finally, the Chinese called back their back. This was an indication to the world that India is the new superpower.

Why are Pakistani media praising PM Modi?

Once, there was a time when Nawaz Sharif had called the then PM Manmohan Singh as ’village woman’. It was not the Congressmen but Mr Modi who had bashed the rogue Pakistani Shariff. Now do you know the condition of Pakistan? Each and every Pakistani channel are praising Modi and cursing their own government for getting bashed by PM Modi in diplomatic areas. Even the Chinese are not praised in Pakistani media as much as PM Modi’s name is chanted.

Perhaps PM Modi is the only leaders to be so dynamic even at the age of 67 years. Yes, he has breakfast in Kabool, lunch in Lahore and dinner in Delhi. PM Modi travels at night so that he can sleep in the flight in order to save time.

Demonetisation!!! The day when corrupts became poor

It was not just an easy task but an impossible task to implement demonetisation in India. But PM Modi risked his political career and announced that “Mitro, Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes are no more a legal tender”. The corrupt and scamsters fainted whereas the hard working section of the society hailed PM Modi. Months ago, a report said that more than 99 percent demonetised currencies were deposited into the bank. This is another success because the Income tax department will now verify the details of every rupee and nab the corrupt.

The United States listen to India!!!

There was the time when others used to say that the United States will never respect India. But can you believe that the United States which was using Asia-pacific has changed the usage to Indo-pacific. Isn’t this “Acche Din?”

I remember a Pakistani youth saying on twitter, why he hates PM Modi. He said that he hates PM Modi from the core as Modi is taking decisions to uplift his countrymen. He also revealed that Modi’s tough decision has hit Pakistan massively in various areas. He also stressed nothing is more precious for PM Modi than his people.

Hansika Raj