Prakash Raj again sparks controversy, insults Lord Ayyappa and Sabarimala!

Seems like Prakash Raj gets a sadistic  pleasure every time he mocks Hindu Gods and hurts Hindu sentiments. Prakash Raj who has been in news for all wrong reason has again took the liberty of the so called liberalism and freedom of speech to insult Hindu God Lord Ayyappa who is worshiped and respected by millions of Hindus.

The Supreme Court verdict on women entry to Sabarimala had caused great chaos and controversy among the devotees who had argued that the restriction was not because they considered women was inferior to men, but due to some rituals of the temple. They felt that the court and the government was unnecessarily creating controversy by their pressurizing dikatats ion Hindu traditions.

Moreover the Hindu women have remained adherent to the traditions, the so called activists belonging to different religions have created problems for devotees in Sabarimala. Now, Prakash Raj has sparked another controversy saying he will not pay respects to the religion which prevents women from worshipping and claimed he doesn’t want to see the God which doesn’t want to see women.

While speaking in the International Books Fair in Sharjah, he went on to insult Ayyappa Devotees also saying

he will not believe in the devotees and god who don’t allow women to pray…….

“The religion which doesn’t allow my mother to pray is not a religion. The devotees who don’t allow my mother to worship are not actual devotees and t…
This is not the first time he has taken stand against Hindus, but many times before he has spoken against Hinduism and claimed that the religion was against secular credentials. But the same person had not spoken a word against triple Talaq or Polygamy or Nikah Halala which is prevalent in Islam and is destroying the lives of thousands of women. He doesn’t question as to why there is blanket ban women entry in Mosques?
He doesn’t speak a word against the father Franco Makkal who is accused of rape and is threatening the women against going public. He did not speak a word against the endless rape incidents in various Churches in Kerala.

This sort of hypocrisy is shown deliberately by left ideologists who  are hell bent on maligning India and Hindus. Prakash Raj who mostly believes in Christianity has been a propagator of Christianity and has also converted himself. His original name was Prakash Edward Rai which he later changed to Prakash Raj. Due to his close association with Christian missionaries, he is always seen maligning the Hindu religion which is definitely not well received by the public.

The other prime reason he displays hatred towards Hindus is because he wants to please his masters in the Congress party for whom he had campaigned during the Karnataka elections. So, he is now using the issue of Sbarimala to target Hindus and score a political mileage.

The biggest irony here is, those people who are no way related to Hindu traditions or customs nor believe Hindu religion are the ones speaking against Sabarimala while most Hindu women have no problem.

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